Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

PyZahl wishes a

Happy ride into the New Year 2008

to all of you folks obviously reading his Blog


See you all in 2008...


Einen Guten Rutsch && Frohes Neues Jahr
e guete Rutsch und e guets neuis Joohr

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Trevor's #6

This Sunday weather looked good in the forecast. Last Saturday was wet all day until late afternoon -- a good day to get a few things done (like a visit at his barber) and take some time to think over recent developments at the Camp.

6am, the timer triggered PyZahl's radio. A few more minutes left before moving that warming blanket aside. Still dark, all quite. Usual morning pre-ride procedure. The temperature at his house was surprisingly just above freezing. OK, no Snowboard helmet with nice build-in ear warmers necessary, especially as the temperatures were supposed to reach low 40ties today.

7:32am, he was ready and moved out and up that hill just after leaving the gate, it was steep as usual and it hurt getting up there, it was cold, it felt colder than the temperature was at his house, the cold humid air was creeping into his ride suit. It just felt really cold and the air while moving fast was just making it even worse. On his way several frozen puddles were indicating cold spots and required some extra caution.

Little over 35min later he arrived at the meeting point "Bagel's and more" in PJS. A few of the early group riders were almost ready to go. But he waited for the "big boys"... and they almost all were showing up, a nice group of about a dozen -- he did not counted.

One of them showed up with his new Serotta -- nice to eyeball Carbon frame.

Here is a little funny stitch and a ghost rider:

8:31, minute late, they moved out. A good paced steady ride, beside one quick flat fix stop withing the first 10miles, nothing special. The weather was OK, mostly dry roads, overcast sky, the sun hardly made it at all. Here is the ride in numbers -- including his to and from sections 108km -- the group ride about 83km, they averaged 34km/h, a total of 1072hm of elevation gain, and the usual speed spectrum:

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

RP2IPBP+ MtSinai return

One more great day for a ride. Can it be any better? +4..8C, little Wind, crystal clear sky, little group of three and 107 km loop, little traffic. He just some how missed to take any photo of the ride...

Some chilling after it in the sun on his porch.

The ride stats:

Monday, December 24, 2007

North Shore Hills and Sand

Monday, December 24th -- finally, the dark rainy days were over and the sun came out again. A nice day, PyZahl got little work done and got ready for a ride. This time he had some hill work out or strength training in mind and did several laps all over his favorite hills along the eastern North Shore.

Little rest before heading home and Wading River Beach, what a nice day :-)

The ride profile:

Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Time Traveler Marty

Things to do on a stormy rainy pre Christmas Eve day...

... watch funny videos

The 12 Days of Back to the Future

enjoy ...

No Trevor's ride

Sunday, a warm but horribly wet and windy day. 6am, sneaking out of the bed and checking -- rain outside -- alright -- No messy ride for PyZahl today, back to bed.

End of Short Notice.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


Once again.... meet at Tildas 10am for a good 55mi "Santa's" ride w C. Not the nicest day, but not rain or snow. Even so, there were a few flurries this morning and some at night, so the roads were all wet, but just no frost, about +1C, some little wind, all grey and totally overcast. The maxed out humidity made the cold creeping in all closing and it felt uncomfy cold.

It took PyZahl all the first 10 miles of the RP2IPBP route or over half an hour and all the rolleres in the beginning of the ride to get warm and going. Lot's of Fire Engine Siren sounds were in the air, as this is the Saturday before Christmas eve -- Santa is getting a ride all over. Good was, further out east, roads were much more dry. The steady head wind out on Youngs and Reeves made us working hard.

It was quite, very quite out there at IPBP:

Just seeing this more or less grey all over he figured it needs some Santa-Ride appropriate color, here we go:

The return was a fast one and it really felt good riding again -- the whole last week was pretty much booked and also the icy conditions weren't so optimal at all for anything outside.

A decent ride for two today, odometer read 94km/3h15/960hm
with final hill laps to complete the 3:15.

... and it looked not good for the Trevors ride again -- 100% chance of rain plus strong winds :-(

Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Dear Readers and Friends of PyZahl's Blog-

one more year on Long Island passed at warp speed, why are things passing by so quickly? PyZahl most likely toped any of his previous records of miles on his bicycles and also stared running more intense than ever. And he loved it. Just now the last weeks icy conditions making things little more tricky. He looks forward to some little lower intense and different fun winter activities.

Also at the Camp all kind of work kept him busy and the science part unfortunately came a little short due to so much administrative things, many new systems and and and.... He looks forward to make new physics next year!

So long all the best and

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year



Saturday, December 15, 2007


Today PyZahl meet with C. at Tildas for one more RP2IPBP ride. Temps -2..+1C. Icy 12mph NNE Cross Winds... on the way out. Several black ice spots needed some extra attention..., but we navigated our way nicely out to IPBP:

The sun and gently rising temps just above freezing at noon mostly made the way back less slippery and the NNE wind helped us flying home :-)

But still, the ice cover holds up the bike:

Widened speed distribution due to strong cross, head and tail winds for different moving directions:

Friday, December 14, 2007

The Day after -- first Tracks

One more "10k Bluestone" lunch time run today. It got really nice outdoors after the sleet and icy rain storm yesterday, about 41F, clear sky. PyZahl put on his short running pants today and a long sleeved cosy top, a hat and gloves only to hold the camera he decided to take along for todays easy run in the "snowy" (more frozen over white stuff), just little soft/slushy on top.

Here is a photo series of the route he took more or less on the run.... all this is territory of "The Camp"!

The 10k route always passes at the old abandoned Observatory...

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Trevor's #5

6:15am, Sunday, PyZahl got up to prepare for the usual ride. He stepped outside to check the temperature, it felt pretty warm, not even freezing as expected for the early morning, about +2C, but a disturbing rustling noise came to his attention, it all looked still fine and dry, but what was that -- it was still dark. he picked one of his TripleFire bike lights and pointed it outside: Weired, some hail or sleet like stuff was falling down on all the leaves and making the funny noise. So what is that now all about? The forecast did not said anything about that stuff before late noon the night before. He woke up his computer and checked NOAA's radar -- indeed, the forecast changed to a chance of wet stuff for all day, but the radar looked promising, just a few tiny blue spots, nothing big or any severe rain storms in sight at all. Little undecided, he turned on his Espresso maker... usual morning procedure, he thought lets get ready and see how it develops...

7:31am -- by the time that stuff had stopped coming down -- it was just enough to get the roads wet, that sucks, was all so nice and dry before. However, he rode to the usual meeting point and everyone seamed not to care too much, as the whole group grew to about 15 today, nice.

No early group showed up -- who cares.

And yes, this is Trevors ride #5 -- last Sunday's cold and windy and snowy morning with a white cover on the roads actually hold them all back home.

They rolled out, they worked and stayed nicely all together, and on the way east on North Country Chris joined the group.

Here at the only stop and quick reassembly after the hill on North Wading River Road:

Good constant pace, nice teamwork today, no one got dropped.

Good ride back home with Chris on NC :-)

Ride Stats -- 111km total today for Py

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Only Py: RP2IBPB - variant add on return

The day was supposed to get temperatures up into the 40ties. Once more the RP2IPBP ride was on PyZahls calendar. It already looked like nobody was available to join or willing to ride a little longer and as he checked out the meeting place at 9:56 that did not changed.

So he started out on his own at his own easy A pace, very easy at the beginning, it took all the hills on the first ten miles to get warm and going. Even it was already past 10am the roads were still wet as all the salty sandy mess kept the humidity for long, some sections looked a bit scary slippery, so he went carefully -- the night was frosty. It was still overcast but a little sun at times, about 4..5C, little cold wind from north.

Moving out on Sound he picked up a bit speed, that felt good. All the default route out to IPBP -- the sun made it more and more -- only the pretty high humidity felt little cold:

Return was nice, as roads were almost dried up by the time -- only little head wind.

Here at Mill:

Almost back, he decided to add a little detour, as it just got nice, here just a quick stop, as he got watched by two curious and funny looking creatures...

Curious Alpacas on River Rd.
As announced, easy going today -- just getting in some miles (almost a "Metric") and 3 1/2 hours of riding, almost 4 hours fresh air :-)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Lake Panamoka

A beautiful cold -- -5 ºC at 8am, gently warming up to -3 towards the finish -- and clear morning, PyZahl took once again his bike and rode the longer hilly and most scenic route to the Camp. This morning variant added a full hour of riding to his log. He like it, all dry and still pretty clean, with exception of the stupid short section on 25 he hates so much. But best, the usually messy and sandy little Cross section into the Camp was all solid hard frozen :-)

And the ride back home, was all dark and cold again with temps dropping further from -3 ºC ... However, his old TF worked reliable as usual. Only hassle again, left turn from 25... a never ending string of stupid bunches of four wheeled steel boxes from both directions, just not leaving a comfortable gap to pass for a seaming endless time, he got little cold while starring at the upcoming lights for minutes o-(

But at some time he must have made it and tried to get little warmth back while moving towards Lake Panamoka, his favorite scenic road around a gorgeous set lake and neighborhood. Several lovely illuminated homes. He passed over the little crest downwards the west end of the lake and all sudden recognized a little special perspective while riding along... This did not took very long and he decided to return and find the best view, unfortunately the perfect spot would have been on fenced private property, no way to get there, so he was stuck behind the fence and a little obstructing trees, may be this gives a little extra touch.

The photo can get you an idea, however, better check it out yourself.

Goofing around with the camera, he got little cold again... and moved on home -- no detours tonight, too freaking cold and tiered for that.

Good Nite.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Weather changes - winter has arrived

Sunday, 1st Advent, 6:30AM. PyZahl slowly got up, dark and dark gray sky, -5C, still dry. Trevors #5 ride??? Checking radar movie: Snow showers moving to the Island. Wondering around, forcast, snow showers 100% in about an hour, checking for MTB rides, nothing, making Cappuccino, slowly the first snow flakes are arriving and painting the deep frozen road white. Jingle Bells and Rudi the Red Nosed Reindeer playing on the radio...

OK, snow&ice -- no no no not going to ride on skinny tired today.

Feels like going back o bed for an extended nap.... later 2nd Cappuccino & Sunday Breakfast -- funny Squirrels jumping around and digging for nuts in his backyard, some nice reddish colored birds looking for food. How nice.

Later he gets little nervous and needs to do something and decided for a few laps around his neighborhood, some hilly laps, but carefully moving, slippery snow covered roads. It was "Saukalt", cold fingers and freezing air in his face, some snow flakes.

Nice & cold.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Changing plans -- hiding from the arctic strom in SHS

Changing usual plans of RP2IPBP to a Cross ride due to strong arctic cold winds of 18+mph and gusts up to 30mph, here the forecast from just before the ride:

-- NOAA -->

Saturday, December 1 at 8am
Temperature: 28°F Dewpoint: 14°F Wind Chill: 16°F Surface Wind: NW 15G26mph
Sky Cover: 5% Precipitation Potential: 0% Relative Humidity: 55%

Saturday, December 1 at 11am
Temperature: 33°F Dewpoint: 9°F Wind Chill: 22°F Surface Wind: NW 18G30mph
Sky Cover: 19% Precipitation Potential: 0% Relative Humidity: 36%

<-- NOAA -- Figuring that once more, no changes, PyZahl was sure, no no no not on the road today. And prepared for a ride in the woods. He decided to try out his most advanced MTB framed but 700x30 Cross wheeled Stoniebike on that trail. Dressed up warm and left his house by bike at about 8:10AM and rode to the 8:30AM meeting point at SHS and six riders were ready to hit the woods. In the woods it was nice, no wind chill but sun :-) Going on old lost deer trails deep in the woods, at times narrow with bushes scarping the legs and spokes making funny noises. Quite out there, with exception of a small well known group of runners, no other human beeings out there. We had a good and comfy ride, smooth, fast, gently frozen ground covered with millions of leaves, perfect and clean. He was really positively surprised how well the 700x30 worked for that ride, he felt like flying.

Returning to the plot a useless paper story writer was taking photos and complaining on us beeing on the parking lot or what so ever. We are riding there since ever on public land on former deer trails, unmarked. He should better encourage more of the high BMI people to get out to do some workout for there all good health, enjoying the nature, leaving no tracks behind, than thinking on writing BS.

Riding home, and not burning a single droplet of gas, little chilly in the open roads, he left the main road ASAP and got back mostly off road :-) Yes, this works, and yes, this could work much better if the LIPA rails to trails stripe of land would be converted to a nice trail and bike path for all kind of non-motorized activities. Would that not be great, a smooth run, ride, skate or rollerblade path from SB to WR, far off any traffic! He hopes the existing plans get going soon.

As he dropped back into RP, the usual visit at Tildas, hey, what's that, no pineapplecheespuff today, that sucks... let's hope for a fresh one tomorrow :-)

Back home, usual procedure, Gtalking with old friend from oversea, little snacks. Py is still starving and started cooking. He did not had a reasonable quality tasty hot meal for a while.

So for today:

Baked Salomon with Portabella Mushrooms in all home made thick tasty Sauce of the baking fond.
Long Grain Rice and Leaf Spinnach well done with little milk, nutmeg, etc.

Served on a hot plate for sure

A glass of white wine and pure water fits well.

Now, now he really is happy and finished up with this:

.... and only a nap is missing.

And PS, this brings Py up to 147 points or 39h17 in his winter trainingpokalrecords and to position One again :-)