Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Catskills Park Day Two

Day 2, Hunter.

another quiet night at the Fairlawn Inn in a while. Looking forward to a good breakfast and omelette... however a unfortunate misshapen of the Innkeeper cut that breakfast a bit short as he could not walk and had to visit the ER. Feel better Chuck.

However, enough supplies on board filling up water and roll'n out of town. Another perfect day for a ride.

After crossing the Schohori Creek the first climb over Halcott Mtn.

and back down to the entrance for the Big Indian Oliveri Valley, a very gentle starting long climb at first in some quite desperate and near or abandoned homes area in a very nice nature setting. But soon improving with some much nicer ranches and homes.   

Steepening up here and there and eventually hitting the highest point of the whole two days ride with near 800m. Then a always very rewarding fast and nice decent in Frost Valley. While climbing and descending several times within a bigger motorcycle clan who stopped several times me passing and again...

At the end turning left on Round Pond Road heading towards Claryville. Looking for water refills and a good sandwich to refuel and make up for the missed breakfast.  That turned into a little longer stay as the moto guys also opted for that stop and kind of invaded the small place "Blue Lodge" in Claryville. However the lunch hit the spot :)

Then continuing more rural roads in Neversink up Red Hill, a little dirt road and a fast fun descent on Sugarloaf Road -- some day I have to climb that one again! Just never fit into the route that direction past times.

Safely down, continuing towards the beginning of Peakamoose Rd and this time climbing Yeagerville from the other side.

a notch more humid and a little haze in the air...

Descending Yaegervile... and heading towards Mohonk eventually.

on a set of nice and shaded back roads...

Almost completed the mission, stop for a good Cappuccino in New Paltz at the Mud Puddle.

Before returning to Dave's place. Then dinner at the Otter :)


Monday, June 11, 2018

Catskills Park Day One

After working through the weekend all happened to line up perfectly last minute Sunday evening and plans changed with an kind offer from Dave to stay the night in New Paltz and ride part together Monday morning. Thus driving up to New Paltz Sunday evening after dinner.

Together looking at the Monday route we modified the start out of NP and included a new climb :)
A few impression along the way...

Nice rolling roads, Oregon Trail, ... leading to the first climb "Cragsmoore via 52 to Vista Maria".

and a nice view of the South range of the Catskills... 

Then via Ellenville down to the Rondout Reservoir proceeding to the second climb on Yaegerville. 

descending to Peekamoose and gently riding up the beautiful Peekamoose valley.

After descending from Peekamoose Dave and Py split up after the bridge at High Point Mountain Road.

Py continuing towards Woodstock -- for a refreshment, a good fruit juice and not so exciting not even worse naming Cappuccino... Oh well.   

and around km 140 hitting the infamous Devils's Kitchen climb, always again a challenge and in particular with extra 5kgs on the back...

That left behind a welcome slight tail wind help pushing into Tannersville for dinner :)

And the final few km into Hunter for the night's stay.

This is the ride.

and the STRAVA version if you got an account: