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Py's New Paltz Roubeaux 4 Cols Explorations -- Evolving

Another quick note on Py's NP ride.

Based on previous route

this year's -- 2017 -- first ride from NP got some what late. Cold odd early/spring weather and so on... still way cold some what for June.

However, again no one else than Mark seamed up for the challenge of some eventually new lands and roads. But it was an Epic ride once again. Some sun, a few sprinkles at the Gunks covered in dark clouds, then clearing up fast. And just before approaching the last climb a missing bridge forced them to take a detour and add some bonus miles.

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Tour of the Battenkill 2017 -- the last of it's kind by Anthem Sports

Tour of the Battenkill 2017 -- the last of it's kind by Anthem Sports in a one single Pro/Am race field.

"2017 marks the first year for the new Pro/Am race format.  A mass-start race limited to 350 registrants, riders will be lined up / seeded fast to slow at the start and will be awarded medals based on their finish in their respective categories."

So that sounds like a lot of fun -- let's see how this goes.... but first things first. Pre race day travel and preparations. Friday morning packing up the car for a long weekend trip, stopping by at Kreb Cycle, Py's team hub to find a short sleeved recent team jersey associated now with the base club -- wasn't that strait forward as thought, but lucky one in the right size was on display... finally en route on the LIE. Traffic disaster on all possible ways to the bridges... after about an good hour slow go and finding some ways around part of the mess finally moving once over the darn bridge and through the toll station. Arriving at a friend's house in Elizaville and GAB team mate's house next door.
Moving in and setting up some brought along essentials for a good weekend to come.


Nice to get off all the digital connections for a while with a interesting book.


Py took two bikes along, the new universal modern machine and the red race machine "Pino Prince" with ultra light but BK proven EC90's and tubulars. Stats: 2010-2017 used for BK and no flat so far.


A little afternoon ride with Elliot and a short test spin of the race bike.


Second race essential: A dedicated home made dinner.


Race day. About 1 hour 45 min drive to the race plus some 15 extra mins to the farm where we had to visit some relatives of E., some cows and pick up dinner!


Finally at the race with no time to spare, change, sign in, pinning number, getting ready for staging. Good to meet Tyler again from the past Cycle Chile trip!

Click to view full size image20170520_103853.jpg

No warmup, counting on a moderate start. Well, rolling out, and moving along at good pace and ease the same time within a big field. No team mates, so just riding with Tyler. Fun fun and smooth effortless but fast rolling for the first 10+ km or so within the large peloton so to say. Moving up and within the first 1/4 of the pack, just to make sure been on top of all happenings. Few rollers so far just keeping the momentum up. First test on the (in)famous Meetinghouse road stretch. Not looking back too much but some decimation took place and a slight separation and stretching out of the field took place a few separations and a little of an gap build up at this time. Chasing full speed ahead to roll in some guys... Most noticeable one rider on a very creaky Cannondale frame and a few other seamed to bunch around Py.... and we pushed our pace to catch up. That creaky thingy drives Py nuts... but eventually we lost that rider. Sorry, but thanks goodness. Passing Cambridge heading towards the covered bridge we merged up with what was left of the most from the "front" field with exception of eventually a few individuals ahead. Passing F1 with no issues, nothing needed here.

BaseTwelve Photo: Tour of the Battenkill 2017 &emdash; TouroftheBattenkill2017-029


All the way over the bridge and towards Juniper Swamp causing a temporary stretch out only until the next turn continuing at a good fast pace for a while. Several short dirt sections passing by. A climb here and there. Another short temporary gap and regroup. However, the initial 300+ riders counting field got decimated big time. Lots of fun riding along side some Pro/Elite rider(s) incl. (#11 Zabriskie), see below...

Click to view full size image

Moving along with some good fun tempo at all times, just in time for passing Feedzone 2 having a gel and washing it down with a quickly grabbed water bottle... perfect timing here!

From then on staying with that group leading the race with exception of a few escaped riders turning out to be 2 riders with a finishing time of 3:27 and 4 riders with 3:35 while Pt's group came in with 3:38 isch.

Entering the last dirt section and climb and giving it all. Then full speed ahead to the finish line...
3:38:03 - 3:40:... and Py with 3:38:24 to be precise.

Some what unexpectedly came in 10th in the 40+ age group, and about 29th all over.

Click to view full size image

And the Relive Video:

One more fantastic Battenkill, sad to see it go. And again many thanks and kudos to all the people making it happen again! 

Hanging out for some time at the fields watching more riding rolling in and later the Fondo riders returning as well. Packing up and returning to Elizaville.

Post race dinner...


And post race day ride.



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Bear Mountain Classic or cold wet misery...

Bear Mountain Classic -- Py signed once in a while up for this demanding local road race of 4 laps in Harriman  State Park. And promptly - -as so often in the past -- a very rainy day or simply a cold wet misery... no good warmup, loosing the main field on the first climb... however, finished the race.

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Cycle Chile Beta-Tour Report

A seven day Tour from Pucon to Puerto Varas, Chile in 727 km covering 8300 m elevation gains in various hills, rollers and climbing Volcano Osorno.

This was the "inaugural" Beta Tour of "Cycle Chile" presented by Anthem Sports and first announced at the 2016 Tour of the Battenkill. And this was where it first got Py's attention following up on it and actually been part of the Beta Riders Team.

As the date approached quickly while been busy at work Py put his stuff together pretty much as used to from previous self supported touring with his friend Beni in past years. However, due to the new unique location and opportunity to see a not yet seen part of "world" he opted to take a little more photo gear in particular having the chance to have bigger camera at hand here and there from the support vehicle. A few last minute minor unexpected complications packing the "Storck" in the travel case due to different setup, in particular the hydraulic line seams not to be so happy with tight bends needed to stow the handle bar away... few concerns, but all was finally good and no issue. Good and easy was that the electronic connectors simply can be unplugged! Taking the old 11-27 cassette proofed to be a good idea while riding most of the tour with the 11-25, for Osorno with sustained 10..15% and up to 20isch+% here and there the swap the day before was definitively not to be regretted.
Friday after leaving work a little earlier finally checking in at JFK and meeting already Ken & Pat for pre-flight dinner and while walking to the gate some what noticing (even not knowing at this time) Maria walking same way across the centered moving walkway... just had this cyclist appeal ;)

The travel was a long one and a with little tight seating, but smooth other wise. Only little unavoidable headache was the intermittent customs transfer of all the stuff in Santiago. But this is even worse in the US where every first "touch down" implies this procedure. Here only due to the fact that our small local flight destination was non international and no customs is available at Temuco.

Finally out of the airport in Temuco we assembled at the curb with our over sized bike boxes. Nice very pleasant weather. And shortly Dieter, the Tour organizer, arrived with the Van to take us to the first Hotel Huincahue in Pucon what will be out base for setting up and the first two nights.

Meeting Wyatt, Dieters son and his Granddad and later Tyler who arrived already earlier that day in Pucon and will be Py's room mate.

Finishing the day with a quick bike post assembly test ride together with Tyler just before our first dinner in Chile. Food so far was most excellent every where! That could be a very good reason to put this area high up on the best of destination to go for Py! 

For the impatient and movie lovers, just sit back and enjoy Py's seven day journey composition, sorry it's 20 minutes total, but look that is not even 3 minutes per day:

Day 1 -- Sunday, Nov. 20 

From the Pucon Hotel Huincahue at Lago Villarrica with the dominant view of Volcano Vallarrica upstream along and up in a valley of Rio Liucura and a little beyond out designated point of return running out of the GPS track and followed by a happy Shepard like dog. At a seaming major point of end of climbing of the road we decided to stop and turn around.

A few shorter fast fun sections of descending... and climbing back up a bit with Wyatt as Maria wasn't with us for in time, just finding her after seeking for a dropped Garmin. All good we returned on that scenic route and headed down and a little up again to Lago Caburgua for lunch. [Flat #1 for Wyatt on the climb] Huge sandwiches were waiting for us :)

On the return a little side exploration without success finding some water falls, only making the way in and out on a coarse gravel road not been allowed or such to proceed to the falls -- so we returned later by Van to check them out.


After that excursion dinner time in town -- so good once again.


Day 2 -- Monday, Nov. 21 

From Pucon to Panguipulli. A superb looking morning, clear sky, clean view of Villarrica with blue background. Rolln out of town after stowing all the luggage in the support vans. The first miles out of town were a little rough on some old road but improved after that and a rewarding landscapes were dominating the ride while our Volcano dominated the far view as we made out way part around it. Lunch at a nice lake site restaurant at the next major lake Lago Calafquén on our tour.


The making our way part around that big lake on a scenic winding road. At some point we had to cut over a small pass to a smaller upper Lago Pullinque and encountered some rough dusty unpaved terrain for a few kilometers uphill and down hill -- road construction. That behind and almost at the end of our day's journey Tyler and Wyatt decided that little lake was a good spot for a impromptu stop and cool down... -- see the video above. Finally on the last miles [#2 double flat for Wyatt -- deciding to hop in the van for the remaining few km] and after a short local dirt road at the edge of the town we reached out destination of the day, Hotel/Cabins Puchaley Lafquén overlooking the Lago Panguipulli with the distant sight of Villarrica as seen with the southern sky at night below -- the little red dot at the horizon is the indirect shine of the active lava lake -- so cool to watch the pulsating shine of the volcano crest at night before bed time! Quick dip into the lake, then dinner time.


Day 3 -- Tuesday, Nov. 22 

From Panguipulli to Llifén. A unforgettable concert of a wild variety of birds and other creatures made the need for any alarm clock more than obsolete... good morning! Late breakfast and little slow getting out of town, traffic... so what, vacation! Py just quickly rolled down the dirt road waiting for the Vans... Climbing out of town with V in our back and owning the roads with little traffic... good times good views. Lunch at a restaurant overlooking Lago Ranco. From then a easy way to the Mavidue Lodge as part of a huge farm located in a gorgeous valley. Another very unique place with it's own special charm. Dinner or banquette "on site". One more treat of superb quality beef, salads and great German style potatoes :) And not to forget some final sweet treats. Good night.


Day 4 -- Wednesday, Nov. 23 

From Llifén to Termas de Puyehue. A excellent breakfast in the cozy main lodge. A slight chill with low clouds near the lake in the morning, but lifting up soon for another sunny day. A super cool water fall and roaring basin on the way asked for a stop and unlucky rolling back to a view point over some edge on the path on a bridge cause a flat for Maria. Continuing in some beautiful country side still around Lago Ranco. Then turning South and away form the lake towards Crucero where at km 100 we encountered a dirt or better said coarse loose gravel road (Trafun Crucero). Py opted to give it a shot, while Maria and Wyatt followed the Beta Tour experiment... about 1/4 mile in Py stopped to lower tire pressure. That helped a lot. Still a long and uncertain dusty way, thanks goodness only a few tractors, trucks and cars. Py had to stop and move over for one bigger truck. At the seaming end and next intersection after almost 10 miles of gravel Py waited and wondered for almost an hour why one one else nor the Vans showed up. But but eventually they arrived. Maria opted out... while Wyatt braved the experiment but had to fix some issues on the way. Almost out of water, glad to see the Van and even better some huge sandwiches :)
After a break of almost 2 hours by that time finally on the road again for the longest day -- getting worried, getting late at that pace.
20161123_160254.jpgHowever, just about at the next turn barely up the road things should change... surprise more of that same dirt and for a uncertain eventually very long way to go.... no one really was up for that to continue on and we all opted for a ride. However, messy enough riding, even worse for bikes on the back of the van... so U turned after some odd on coming traffic encounters... and taking the main road and highway to detour this part. With about 26 km to go we went back on the road at Lago Puyehue. Py waited up for Maria at the turn and climb up to the hotel. We were not sure and passed the kind of "too big, empty, ..." looking main entrance and explored the road all the way up a bit until realizing our mistake, Dieter at this time came up in the Van looking for us... Finally arriving at the magnificent Termas de Puyehue "palace". Finishing the day with one more dinner off a buffet stocked with more goodness than you can image :)


Day 5 -- Thursday, Nov. 23 

From Termas de Puyehue to Los Lingues Lodge in Puerto Octay. Starting with good breakfast leaving no wishes open along with a great view and some bird watching. Returning down the hill from the Termas to Lago Puyehue returning to Entre Lago heading South on a nice initially winding road with great vista of the Volcano landscape. Then some farmlands. A slight route modification due to unexpected a gravel road.


Day 6 -- Friday, Nov. 23 

From Los Lingues Lodge to Volcano Osorno. A short ride but a very scenic once with the only big climb up to Volcan Osorno on a beautiful quite and small road. Easy starting in a spectacular wilderness of flowers, bushes and trees on dark volcanic soil. Slowly increasing grade and at some point a long sustained climb at about 15% with a few steeps exceeding 20% briefly. Some odd magical deep forest, even the GPS was blocked at times! Py just maintaining a steady pace using his Compact/28 gearing most the time. Not killn it, but enjoying the landscape and snapping a pictures on the way. Lunch at the "base" ski lodge at the end of the road at about 1200m.
Then a super fun and fast descent (see video below) before checking in at the Hotel las Cascadas.


Optional, but hey, how eventually in all the world can Py skip a fun descent... in particular from a Volcano??? Here it is in full length, uncut -- [note to self, needs GSP data annotation rework]:

Day 7 -- Saturday, Nov. 24 

From Lodge las Cascadas to Puerto Varas. Nothing spectacular on the last day, part of the already seen road towards the Osorno climb but continuing around the lake to Puero Varas, Hotel Bellavista.
The forcast called for some rain, rain at night but dried up roads at the start. About at the 1/2 way point the sky got darker and a first shower pored down on us. Py ignored this and kept going while a few opted for the Van. It temporary stopped raining and Tyler joined the road party again... but we got hit to the finish by another shower in town. However, last "tour" ride completed. And one more fine Tour dinner in town with lake view. Pizza time!


And at end of day a final dinner with Drakes and Tyler while other already departed.


Cycle Chile Tour totals ridden by Py 
(including a little bonus ride with Dieter on day 8 post tour):

 757 km
8300 hm
27.2 hours

Py has to say he had a most excellent vacation and certainly one of his best times in a while :)
Many thanks to Dieter for making this happen and his dad and Wyatt for the very welcoming and supportive atmosphere. Felt like a big family trip. 
And as Tyler used to say: "Beta Tours are the best!" 
No surprise = no extra fun! It's not a race, we were not on a tight schedule, we are flexible and can adjust on the spot -- that's the best -- at least for Py! 
"There is no such rock too big to not been moved out of the way or to get around."

Thank You!!!