Sunday, August 09, 2015

Tokeneke 2015

Tokeneke Road Race. Py opted this year again to drive to the race same morning, leaving 4:50 getting there driving all around the LI Sound by comfortable 8am with 1h30 time to start -- should be plenty you would think.


But a hard to understand inefficient sign in process was even delaying the race start by 10 minutes... better not commenting any more on this record setting process.

However, finally in possession of the race number with 15min to start, quickly getting the bike out of the car, changing grabbing a bite, a banana, water and rushing with still the number stuffed into the jersey pocket to the start about 1/4 mile up the road... pinning the number at the staging area as usual. A little rolling around with others in the parking lot.

Then staging and getting the number re-pinned by some (timing??) staff claiming -- the as many do and Py always does -- the slightly folded over corners to get better support for the pins are causing trouble for the camera picking up the number (and eventually not been rule book conform?!?!?). However, don't really cared about this first ever complaint, he adjusted it, fine.

Then a intense race started with two climbs per lap. Guessing or hoping every one was more or less with little to non warm up. Wasn't funny. The 2nd climb caused a minute gap Py and a a few others incl. Rob managed to close towards the last descent and climb. Needed some warp speed descending and good work to catch up -- almost lost hope -- but we did it.

Finishing 21st out of 53 in CAT4 35+.

BaseTwelvePhoto: Tokeneke Road Race 2015 &emdash;

Beyond the inconvenience before starting -- great race, great riders lot's of fun.

PS: And just once more to all my friends, the future is here and is OK to be used out there -- I can not stand any stupid comments any more: citing :
   "With this rule in mind, do I care what kind of brake your bike uses? Not really - it could be cantilevers, calipers, and yes even disc brakes. As long as the brake is functional, that's what we want to see. So in this case - yes, disc brakes are allowed. So the end result: YES, disc brakes are allowed in road events as long as the event is not a UCI race or a race where UCI regulations are being enforced (such as National Championships, NRC races, etc.) unless an exemption is made for that specific event."

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Tour of the Catskills Stage Race -- the last of it's kind -- Stage Three: Road Race -- the Devil awaits!

ToC stage 3:

Good breakfast at the Inn. And a easy ride from the Fairlawn Inn, Hunter to the start next town in Tannersville. Sign in. Depositing a bottle and obsolete base layer.

Here a few pictures, and a rider in a nice KOM jersey. Staging and go. Rolling out neutral, but kind of fast already. Then a fast field flying slightly down the road to a 1st key climb again splitting it all up. Py had a plan to get a little more buffer moving up front, but run out of time not finding the right timing to a) eat a little before that because of at times sketchy road with need to speed control and no good to take even just one hand of the bars to grab a bite. When finally managed that the climb was already almost there and Py could not move up enough to eventually have a little more buffer. So ending up a pretty much one other rider and many more stragglers behind.... The 17 year old CAT3 kid in bib 360. Well nice riding, but hardly racing any more. Then though he may take off at the Devil, but did not and got little behind. Fun to meet Joe... many thanks for coming up and cheering on the race -- there could have been more spectators, but instead more annoying cars than spectators sneaking into the actually closed road!

20150802_084053.jpg 20150802_090821.jpg 20150802_110531.jpg 11800312_10153595439579015_96405161295244292_n.jpg 11265153_10153595439584015_1875547603811711509_n.jpg

The finish line, good to see.

Final Result: GC 23rd, 6h 18m 17s

 Special Thanks to...

- The Race Organizer and all the Helpers and Volunteers for running this great event under constrained conditions.

- The officers along the race to keep us safe.

- The Innkeeper Chuck to allow me to get back to my room to have a shower on Sunday afternoon.

- And to Joe for inviting me over at the end of the day!

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Tour of the Catskills Stage Race -- the last of it's kind -- Stage Two: Circuit

ToC stage 2: Circuit.

Trying to get a real good warmup as expecting a the 3's to shatter things up right away at the early and only major climb. Chatting with some German Cat 3 racer at the start... And off we go. Well, regardless so it happened. The climb split it up good. And with that wind no chance to chase any where near back on. Afer a while assembling a good 4 rider group TTTing the way. Dropping one/picked on up... kind of easy 2nd climb was attempt to stay together. Then merging with 4 other dropped/etc. Cat3's taking over some good work. Finishing in a group of 8 about 8 full minutes behind.

20150731_202534.jpg 20150801_095147.jpg


Friday, July 31, 2015

Tour of the Catskills Stage Race -- the last of it's kind -- Stage One ITT

ToC stage 1: Individual Time Trial (ITT).

This year sadly marked the end of the 12 years of Tour of the Catskills stage race. Still not exactly sure why road race participation number are dramatically winding down.

Undoubtedly this is a tough one starting with a opening ITT and two longer road races with decent climbing plus the famous Devil's Kitchen Climb the very end. Since last year one of two road races got replaced with a two lap circuit road race instead of a longer single loop road stage.

Py really liked this, no Crits or a like involved.

And also now this year -- due to limited sign ups a joined CAT 3/4 race -- that's going to be interesting fun to a point field destruction...

So it's Friday -- driving up to Windham, NY. Plenty of time as Py's TT was in the afternoon.

20150731_115530.jpg 20150731_115540.jpg DSCF6265.JPG DSCF6274.JPG DSCF6273.JPG

The start featured a good 6% grade to power up and then continuing gradually uphill to the turn around point. Py was wondering if his regular road bike may have been a notch more efficient?!?!

But guess that would need a test, not easy to be determined.

However today's scenario included a uphill tail wind. Everything went smooth and efficient. Not sure if much more would have been possible. Even not having a good recent 20min power reference, Py shoot for 300 Watts, knowing 280W been possible in the past -- but it was very variable with wheel shaking winds, up and downs. Still, little short of that goal with 265 W, but better set high... also fact, Py did not managed to do any test TT this year and this was right out of the gun the first one on his PX Stealth bike.

Official TT time (CAT4):  18th place with 00:24:42.90  (vs. 1st: 23:06:40)

Attempt to cool down in a river, but way too warm... so go to the Inn. His favorite place Fairlawn Inn, Hunter.