Sunday, August 17, 2014

Low Flying Early Birds -- South

Just a Sunday morning, slightly overcast, a little moist early morning »chill« in the air and still low sitting sun while riding out South-East to the Birds start.

A long not seen great big group gathered, let's let the fun begin! Py did not got a head count but at least 15..20 in the A group. Ryan putting in a monster startup pull with his aero helmet... So far just enjoying a fun ride and chattn a little watching things from behind with the Rapha rider. At Dune road a few put the hammer down a bit and the pace heated up to moving at good 50km/h most the time. This soon shattered the group and a few moved up front maintaining it, Py included -- all the way to the bridge. Here at the reassembly.

Then moving on with a few more good moves to the 7-11. And back -- with a little drizzle and moist roads. What a ride -- the South route at just a notch under 40km/h average.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tokeneke(ke) 2014 Road Race

Last minute decision to head to the Tokeneke road race up in CT on Sunday, not that this would compensate in any means for the missed out ToC, but best Py could do for a race to follow up on some missed fun.

Pre race day ride, it got a notch longer, such a nice day...

20140809_125058.jpg 20140809_125106.jpg

Early morning drive around the LI Sound and up and beyond Hardfort, CT to the Barkhamstead Reservoir. Getting ready. What a nice morning! Good Coffee at the parking field :)

 20140810_082917.jpg 20140810_082923.jpg 20140810_083626.jpg

Staging and easy rolling out heading and staying up front almost sitting on that pace moto... Good to be up front on that initial partially cracked up road and following fast decent to the dam. Together other rider setting a pace for a good time. Rolling up moderately near/at front on the first uphill following the dam crossing section. Then good but comfortable pace slightly climbing and a fast decent again taking up very front to the "finish line" climb hitting it the 1st time out of 2 laps. So far pretty good ride nothing happened really with the main field. However, the approximately. 2km/200m climb stretched out the field quite a bit and Py got a little further back than liked, then chasing back on toward the dam and there up front again with the same other rider who was around while getting back on from behind. This time the following climb got hit a little harder stretching the field out again and this time a max sustained chasing effort was needed to get just back on the field, a few others rider helped but Py did the big part and just enough to get it done. However not really great situation to hit the finish climb from behind with just a good work done. About a mile still to go on the last decent to recover. About with 3km to go a few guys on far right of Py next to the shoulder seamed not watch out and touch wheels and a few went down at good speed. Py barely noticed and surely heard the crunch... Taking a little more room and precautions just in case. No ideal as this got him a little more back, but as of the 1st lap's finding not expecting a top ten finish either way. At the bottom about the increase power to a max effort and starting to pass one by one, even a bigger group make good grounds but no chance to catch up with the already far up and stretched out head group. Maxing out just over the crest with 200m to go at some 187bpm. No one even near Py any more, just a few more up not in reach. Placing 21st out of 50 with a little over a minute behind the winner. tokpwp5.jpg tokpwp1.jpg
Post race: Saying hi to Jenn in the women's field. Takin a few shots and later at the Reservoir on the drive back home via the ferry. DSC_2962.jpg DSC_2969.jpg DSC_2981.jpg DSC_2988.jpg DSC_2995.jpg<

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Tour of the Catskills -- Mission Abort

Py was as well prepared as possible, all set and ready. Some hope to put in a good start with a good ITT. Thursday night, car packed, ready to roll. But it all came different within hours:

 This is about the development starting Friday 2am: Feeling bad, stomach upset. Py was not sure what but some he eat must have been eventually not good or a bad combination -- some what puzzled. After multiple times vomiting, not find a second to sleep -- his stomach must be mostly empty by that time. Not a good preparation for the ITT. Beyond that a some what very uncomfortable disturbing feeling in his throat (some thing stuck reverse in there?) made Py as concerned that he decided to drive around 4am to the Stoney Brook Hospital ER.
Great. Still having hopes they can clear this "mechanical issue??" up as he in general felt better.
But time was moving to fast vs. actions taken. He was supposed to be at the Tour of the Catskills, a 3 day stage race Fr-Sun, by the time he got discharged around noon. However, they could not see it so they did a Endoscopic check what seamed finally to resolve it -- with narcotic side effects not allowed to drive that day any more - great. At that time back home with the help of friends -- the 1st stage was over. Py was hoping to recover over night as I could eat carefully but normally in the evening and had a good feeling about starting with stage 2 on Saturday what would have worked out. He left at 6am Saturday morning but started feeling sick/hot/warm/cold more and more and some what not right in the car about 1/2 an hour on the LIE and made a hard but only right decision to return back home. Laying down on my sofa almost all day... snap. Initially Py though some thing with his Thursday dinner was odd even been totally puzzled what. Now it seams clear it must have been some virus -- fit's into the time scale of his recent conference travel -- returned last Sunday night.

So that much about the Tour of the Catskills what was supposed to be Py's highlight or biggest race of the year. To sum it up in one word:  < s u c k s >;

Sorry folks, Py wished he could have joined the fun and contributed again with a set of race photos as possible.

Big thumbs up and thank you to Chuck at the Fairlawn Inn in Hunter, NY where Py had a reservation for waiving any reservation fees! I nice move and reward for year by year returning to Py's favorite place to stay :)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

State Bridge at the Colorado River

Free afternoon after a few great morning sessions about SPM.


Same bike again, still setup up and ready to roll. Thanks to the shop mech. Conveniently located right inside the meeting complex. Simple route, out and back -- Vail - State Bridge - Vail.

Rolling out same way but this time beyond the Bottom of Beaver Creek towards the junction Colorado 6 and 131 -- filling up water. A scenic bypass over Wolcott Pass. A nice moderate climb with tailwind... and a very fast descent down to State Bridge. Quick stop after passing the bridge over the Colorado River. And just that moment a long cargo train was approaching....
Then returning the same route. Climbing Wolcott Pass on the steep side into a nasty head wind, then descending with a massive need to pedal to keep momentum as bad the head wind was! Back down at the junction, quick rest stop and Cappuccino -- a good one and just 3 bucks -- then heading on back at good speed, feeling great! Nice 65miles done.

 20140724_114735.jpg 20140724_115240.jpg 20140724_122252.jpg 20140724_121429.jpg 20140724_124637.jpg IMG_20140724_124822.jpg 20140724_125206.jpg 20140724_125052.jpg 20140724_125115.jpg 20140724_163515.jpg

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Beaver Creek Explorations -- Dead End and Gravel Roads

On a busy trip to a conference ICN+T in Vail, CO. Py took the chance to rent a road bike and go for a quick lunch ride to explore Beaver Creek.
Setting up the rental bike with pedals..., a pretty nice (for a rental) aluminium GIANT Defy. Surprisingly light and a nice ride! Quick checking it out around the resort, then heading out on Frontage road heading West next to I-70. A fast run slightly downhill narrowing into a beautiful bike path next to Gore Creek!
For a moment confused at the junction 24/6. Hooking up with two other riders heading towards Beaver Creek for a few miles. Then taking the climb up into Beaver Creek resort. Continuing the road until it's end -- or transition into gravel, not suitable for this ride and not in the mood of experimenting with rental bike. After finishing a banana, returning into town and figuring out how far the other road may go up paved.... same thing, this time ending or transitioning into dirt at the base of a lift service station or such. Asking a local worker about any other eventual paved options -- try "Batchelor Gulch Road" -- so Py did. Very nice little longer climb, virtually zero traffic, nice scenery and vistas. Heading to the end, then trying the "left hand" fork road, actually continuing up to little beyond 2600m over a crest and descending -- should be possible be get to Beaver -- but ending at a closed gate, no time left for more experiments and returning.

20140722_105137.jpg IMG_20140722_130205.jpg
20140722_114832.jpg 20140722_134630.jpg 20140722_144145.jpg

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Local 200km -- RP 2 OP on most scenic roads

Py needed a longer ride -- so heading all the way to the East End on the North Fork.

A great summer day. For a great ride. Only the wind was not really cooperating, cross head winds out and back as it turned around about all the way out on Py's scenic route not missing any of the back roads. At Orient Beach SP the 1st stop and water top off -- non stop all the way out in about 2h40.
Then quick coffee stop in Greenport at his favorite Coffee shop Aldo's.
Long haul back via Cutchogue [until there Py forgot to restart his Garmin -- so about 10mi / 17km missing in the log below], on best cycling roads including part of EB's North route, Py's RP2IPB.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Hunter Greene Classics

Py last minute sign up for green me classics Road Race. Early Saturday morning driving up to Tannersville.

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Long Island City (Queens) to Bear Mountain

2nd edition of the LIC2BM ride.

... after some undecided picking of a parking lot/place ... finally on the road starting pretty much at the Queensborrow bridge, heading via Central park to GW stopping at Strickleys bike shop and continue along the Hudson/Palisades to Bear avoiding 9W as much as possible.

IMGP1583.JPG IMGP1590.JPG 20140608_120403.jpg 20140608_122152.jpg 20140608_152145.jpg IMGP1600.JPG 20140608_164429.jpg 20140608_164413.jpg