Sunday, September 21, 2014

Rocky Point 2 Tour of the Hamptons 100 and return

Thunder and heavy rain around 4am while preparing breakfast and evaluating the situation out there via all those great tool we got today -- local minute level forecasts and rain radar and rain watch tools. Big blobs of heavy rain moving over from South, just crossing the edge of Py's home town. Looking much better out East. A little later around 5am it looked stable and a gap in the heavy zones opened up. Time to get out of it and head East! Rolling out with lights 5:20am.

Warm, soaking wet, puddles, dripping from trees but not rain any more!

After about an hour and 1/2 reaching the bridge to the East Hamptons area while the sun is rising some where behind clouds.

Meeting with the team and and two more riders joining in -- and off they go...

Here some funny kid jumped on for a moment and also gave it a try up front for a moment...

 At the point...

 and all the way back with some Hamptons site seeing....

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Elizaville continued

One more day riding from Elizaville, a nice sunny day!

And a beautiful ride in some not yet explored NY counties. Good Cappuccino :) And several nice fun rollers.

S0065806.JPG DSCF5788.JPG S0085808.JPG S0105811.JPG

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Elizaville, New York. A little weekend trip for some beautiful riding on nice quite rolling roads wit GAB Bob and Elliot. A fairly chilly morning, overcast. A few drops later. Good ride. And a post ride swim in Elliots lake...

Saturday, August 23, 2014

D2R2 2014 - The 10th anniversity of the Deerfield Dirt Road Randonnee

It is time again for a little road trip up to Deerfield, MA. The 10th overall and the 8th in a row D2R2 for Py this year.
Boarding the ferry Friday around 11am with Johney.

20140822_102326.jpg 20140822_111720.jpg 20140822_121325.jpg 20140822_141504.jpg

Light rain on Friday afternoon -- perfect! Little ride with John to sign in and check on the dirt in a little loop back to the Red Roof.
20140822_154233.jpg 20140822_154409.jpg 20140822_154424.jpg 20140822_155749.jpg 20140822_155851.jpg 20140822_16170228029.jpg

Again great dinner in Shellbourne Falls at "Blue Rock" -- now our favorite for a few times in a row.

20140822_182240.jpg 20140822_182329.jpg

Rising early Saturday morning and getting ready. It's seemingly getting easier :) About 6:05 rolling out.


7:42 at the 1st water station for a quick top off and grab a snack at

Water station "Steady Lane" (mile 20) at 7:42  [*7:39]
DSCF5739.JPG DSCF5742.JPG DSCF5741.JPG 20140823_074253.jpg 20140823_074249.jpg

8:33am wait up after fast fun decent for little group -- virtually no tracks in front of of, may be a 2 or 3 riders ahead??


 Checkpoint "Heath" (mile 36) at 9:00 [*8:50]

9:00am -- one more food/water station. Heading on, some what slowly loosing the group even easing up a notch. So what, only one rider -- Paula was joining me. So now just left ahead in nearly no mans land, but beautiful and quite riding. Still partially overcast, slight moist roads, comfortable almost "cool", in particular for the season. Only two other rider in some back/white Rapha kit were dangling around up front for a while, eventually we lost sigh of them, not sure. No seen again later.


9:34am -- wait up for her at a beautiful old stone bridge after one more fast fun decent.
 DSCF5749tm1bw.jpg DSCF5754.JPG

Then making the way to the lunch stop at Green River Covered Bridge -- well, a little past as the bridge was under construction. Just a grassy field, no as scenic but good for a quick lunch before heading on.

 Checkpoint "Green River Covered Bridge" (mile 64) at 11:17 [*11:50]


12:28am -- Nice view, quick photo stop and banana snack.
20140823_122939.jpg 20140823_122948.jpg 20140823_122755.jpg 20140823_122801.jpg

moving on, no photo at the optional water station "around the corner off route" before cruising along the a nice river -- 12:47 a few shots while riding along the nice river...


On top of Patten Hill taking a few snap shots at 14:10 and at.

 Checkpoint "Patten Hill / Little Big House Gallery" (mile 97) at 14:14

 DSCF5758.JPG DSCF5763.JPG DSCF5755.JPG 20140823_140940.jpg 20140823_141420.jpg 20140823_141448.jpg

Finish in Deerfield mile 112 at 15:08

 DSCF5765tm.jpg 20140823_154540.jpg

Enjoying the fresh cold pint, getting some dinner :) Then a nice refreshing and comfortable and dirt cleanup bath in the river across the road.

 20140823_160941.jpg 20140823_160953.jpg

Next morning, breakfast before heading back home.

And finally:

of the Franklin Land Trust and all the volunteers.
most important thx to
all the great cyclists,
making this event and day so great and enjoyable once again!

Almost sure again, see you all for the D2R2 2015 for 10+1 years?