Sunday, July 15, 2007

Thursday, July 12, 2007

PyZahl hates littering on bike paths

PyZahl was just out and around the corner of the nice and clean neighborhood north of the laboratory as a sudden gentle hissing from the rear wheel changes his good moods at the end of that great day...

The cause was located quickly....

He hates if people are recklessly throwing glas beer bottles (this seams to be the most common and most cyclists unfriendly) on the roads... and then little pieces eventually find there way like shown here.

Not to say, that this cut has destroyed some of the threads and thus the tire for further reliable use :-(

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bathroom Ride

A very quite morning. A fairly dense 25C warm low sitting mist of 100% condensing humidity is covering the island as PyZahl went his usual way to the laboratory. This is nothing in particular unusual for the region and season, but it feels like riding in a closed bathroom some one just had a long hot shower.

The quietness only is broken by a few cars and the 60 cycles of a silent humming hiss from power lines discharging some false currents to ground and wasting energy, PyZahl is wondering how much kWh that sums up to. There were a few more disturbing things this morning, some more than usual road kill like flattened squirrels and bigger mammals -- leaving a unpleasant smell of rotten flesh close by, as there was virtually no wind.

But still, the low sitting mist let the Lake Panamoka look different and interesting this morning.

This is Lake Side Trail, winding around Lake Panamoka.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Gold Coast 100 2007

This Sunday was the Gold Coast Tour, by HBC.

PyZahl got up very early to pick up Marco at the Lab and drive out to Greenlawn, Huntignton, LI -- about an hour drive -- to register and be ready to roll at 7:30AM.

Here some of the 100mi riders climbing...


The Ride in Numbers:
Map and more data: GC100-2007 at MB

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

July 4th HHH ride

"Holiday Harbor Hill Ride! (45 miles-A) Wednesday 7/4/7 @ 8:00 from Stony Brook University North parking lot. Enter from Nicholls Rd. Northern most campus entrance. At the top of the hill turn right."

At SUNY N quickly a number of riders came together...

... and started out for a ride all around the harbors and hills

(note: some data is missing)

Here is the velocity statistic, separated for up, down and flat:

As the "official" ride was over, PyZahl headed back via Port Jeff, where by the time the 4th of July parade was on its way...

Monday, July 02, 2007

Things to do just 4 fun???......

Just check those tracks out and tell what you think -- looks like there is never an end to challenges on our planet earth for just so simple things like getting around on your own feet:

oday PyZahl just did a little riding to the lab and one warmup ride on site, one good pull around the RHIC lap some cool down and a ride back...