Sunday, September 30, 2012

and again -- EBees Nnnn

One more Early Birds ride from home before it's getting too dark -- just about dawn leaving to teh start for the Birds -- with Gregg and his friend.
A good group found together at Manorville, fun ride and good pace today -- just getting a bit chased by dark clouds, one scary looking one already while leaving form home, more on the way. Then just at the last 5 miles moving on wet pavement and a few minor drops.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

RP 2 ToH 2 Montauk Point and return = 166mi

The evening before charging up the LiPo battery for the LED light, still little debating and looking at weather conditions, wet and windy night -- it's supposed to clear up nicely next day... Wake up early around 4:20, breakfast, last check on temperature -- just perfectly fine, arm warmers only. 5:20 closing the door and leaving for some thing long. May be a touch of Randonee? Pitch dark, pretty warm, little wet roads from earlier showers. Taking the fastest most direct route, relying on little help of the 705's navigation capabilities for the final miles to the "start". Rolling out of town, ghostly silent, pitch dark, just a few street lights, wet road absorbing most of his pretty powerful LED head light. Merging right on 25A and setting in a decent pace. Nearly no wind and if any, it's from behind. Few more wind exposed road sections were already about to dry up, nice! Deep thick low fog while approaching Calverton where the F14 is displayed -- pretty scary and a beam of light dissolving into the far. All sudden clearing up again between wooded area. A few isolated cars, pretty much zero traffic that time of the day -- nice. On 25 now. Miles seam to fly by fast, passing Edwards and soon reaching Riverhead  and leaving it soon again on Flanders. A little morning light is coming up slowly. After some more miles finally merging onto Montauk Hwy. Perfect in time, passing the bridge at the Canal separating the  East End of the South Fork. And very soon reaching Southampton -- just a few mins past 7am.

Finding his team mates and others, dropping off not any more needed lights at a friends truck, signing in for the "official part" of ToH. Quick water bottle top off.

About 7:30 leaving as a group of 5 GABs towards the Point. Beyond two flat stops and some dropped gear by others -- good moving to the Lighthouse.

IMG_1157.JPG IMG_1159.JPG IMG_1171.JPG IMG_1184.JPG IMG_1161.JPG IMG_1169.JPG IMG_1197.JPG IMG_1211.JPG

While taking a few pictures out there a big group of riders passes by... to be caught up to very soon. Little snacking -- but unfortunately all facilities out there were already closed for the season.

Heading back via old Montauk/harbor. Catching up with that group and sitting on there easy until the next water stop... From there just a relaxed near chatty ride back via one more food stop. A few miles before the official finish (return to SH) Py left the group on his own venture all the way back to home. Now taking Newton... and Grumman and the usual finish via WR/North Country. Back home by 3pm.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday "L ride" alternative tweeted

Just that morning checking on twitter what's up and ready to leave for the EBs... a tweet came in that there was going to be a L ride from Tildas what is Py's "home" ride start location just a little later -- tempting, going.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Monday, September 03, 2012


Heading to the Holiday Harbor Hills ride this morning behind Tildas, by 8am a pretty big if not biggest ever group gathered -- looking like fun!


Not much to say, fun cruise, good roller coaster, some traffic but not too bad. Taking a few shots towards the end of the ride.

Fun morning ride guys and hey, all the girls!!!

Sunday, September 02, 2012