Sunday, January 25, 2009

No Trevors today -- acrtic temperature threshold underrun

Py got up this morning at with the intention to join on to Trevors ride en route at Rocky Point to get the sun up a little further -- hoping temps were going above -5C/24F around 9am... but just does not looked like it this will happen, was is still -10C/14F and there are cold spots en route still showing currently 8F!!!! Forcast said not above 20F by 10am and not above 25F at all all day....

He decided to stay save and warm at home for a while, not taking chances getting sick and messing up his upcoming vacation and he he also did not intended to ride in his Snowboard outfit.

Around late noon the temperature actually surpassed the forecast max of -5C and reached almost 0C, working on some web project for a while... it got 1430 in the meanwhile and Py decided on a quick spin and to test his bike drive train, as he cleaned all the gunk out of it and readjusted the shifting, what was bad lately. Still, precision positioning of the rear derailleur was some how not to get perfect for every gear, but it worked again without that sticky slow down shifting wit some frozen?!?!? water and other crap in the cables and guides...

A little variant -- all the way out to Wildwood, proceeding a bit East on Sound and looping around and back in a not yet done variant:

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Well, still really cold, back home at -3C. Five new WP Points. Good for that conditions.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

RP2IPBP - windy and feeling really cold

After a tough cold week and a lost long weekend of riding due to extreme temperatures and more snow storms, this Saturday was just fine again. Last week Py got one RRL ride and one good 10k Bluestone in -- better than nothing.

But today he did his RP2IPBP once again, C was unfortunately not available but Py was glad Ed showed up 'en route. They were flying out East most the time. Roads were partly wet and pretty much dirty, salty sandy wet mess at times -- enough to get the bike messy and needing a full clean after the ride.

At IPBP two fearless Windsurfers were giving some show time to watch for a while... There was ice and snow on the beach and ice covering the pear... They were playing on a very rough Sound in a strong and gusty North-North-West wind.
A full-size photo is available to those with permission.

A full-size photo is available to those with permission.

A full-size photo is available to those with permission.

Here some show time...

RP2IPBP - Wind Surfers flying from Percy Zahl on Vimeo.

In the meanwhile Py was working (chewing) on his Cliff bar what was kind of cold and hard to eat...

On the there way back toward Mill Rd this nice looks in frozen lake:

The way back was just cold and it was getting even colder as temperatures were dropping already toward freezing. Wet meting water puddles were already getting slushy and are expected to turn into black ice very soon... -- as long as they not dry off in time -- Argggg.

13 WP Points -- that's good and was about time.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Frozen Island

The day started out at record low temperatures with -4F / -20C at the Southshore and Bay area. Py disregarded some initial plans of riding CP as non of his buddies was interested or available for a sub freezer temp. ride in some snow. Instead Py did a sight seeing and shopping tour. Driving out to Belloport checking out the frozen Bay with some great views over a mirroring fully frozen Bay all the way to Fire Island.

from Bellport

from Bellport Marina.

Just close to Kreb Cycle -- where he stopped by for a visit later.

And a little further West

from Bellport, Howell Point


A full-size photo is available to those with permission.

180 degree view starting looking East (left) to Fire Island (South/center) all the way to West (right).


Just Found on the Web and want to share... at Cyclocross Magazin:

Saturday, January 10, 2009

RP2IPBP - darn cold ride into some flurries...

One more good ride just before he next snow is hitting the island. Not much to say today, just feeling really cold, the cold seams to creep inside the riding suit more than ever before, toes and fingers just at the edge of any comfort.... and his face got little frozen the at the beginning on a few fast down hill sections. At Littleflower two more riders joined in today:

And on the way back on Mill the first flurries were falling... nice to see and no trouble at all, as long as the road stays dry -- what it did until the finish.

Ride stats:

Too cold today for extra loops to get one more point. He hot twelve, good enough for today's situation, intens enough ride. Would have needed two more to get to 300.... next unit will do the trick for sure.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Trevors #5 - modified return

The night before some debating about an arctic cold -- what is acceptable -- and some not so sure conditions of minor roads out East, however, no decision just go and find out -- alright then, Py will find out.

Sunday morning some -5C and moderate WNW wind. He started out as late as feasible to minimize waiting time at the meeting place. Still got there faster than ever, as he needed to keep moving to stay warm -- it felt really cold for the first 15 to 20mins, his HR did not went anywhere beyond 115 bpm for some time, not sure if that was due to the cold, the belt not working or just true. Took about half the way out to PJeff to get moving and up to some 140 bpm and little warm, fingers started warming up finally. Almost at 112 he run into some little unhappy seaming Mike, as he intended to go with the early group, which was bascially not there -- not sure if he rode him self or just back home.

The usual EECT riders were there staying warm inside one car.... little later Craig and Owen showed up and a group of six left for the ride and to see what comes up out east. At least they knew North Country and all the way out to Sound Ave. is clear if ice.

A cold tail wind helped going East and some how also going South. Here a nice view on the frozen Peconic Lake:

Some more snow and icy patches already...

not yet sure what they find little later...

almost all of Mill looked like this... the snowy part actually was just fine to ride on, but what is not visible here are the hidden under and around (dark) patches of "black" ice (well, more extended patches)...

little scary, a road bike is not made for XC-skiing... making all futher icy spots just looking lame. They all made it safe over this exciting part of the ride. But decided from here to stay on major roads and returned mainly on 25/25A/NC.

This is the Duck Pond Mt.Sinai, seams good for playing already thanks to the polonged cold...

...good to be back home -- but needed to add one hill lap (he does not hit the gym, so that has to do it, a good steep climb) to finish point No. 15.

Today he earned 15 WP points counting now a total of 279 :-)

Here are the total Ride Stats...

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Off Topic: awesome HD sky video

At times Py's hang to Astronomy is returning if he gets along such great stuff, check it out, make it full screen and enjoy! -- You may need a new machine to handle that video data smoothly.

túrána hott kurdís by hasta la otra méxico! from Till Credner on Vimeo.

Want more? Check out more HD here.

Calverton Sno Ride

Too messy roads for RP2IPBP plus strong cold and gusty winds. The night before some messaging... and the decision fall onto a Mountain Bike ride at Calverton.

Here a few photo Py took today. A nice closed snow cover, not icy at all and pretty good to ride on, still little extra work even slower speeds and some sideways skidding in countless turns at times with both wheels -- no steel edge to cut in.

Alright... and here is a short after ride guide:'s Guide to Using SPD Pedals from Bike Rumor on Vimeo.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

White start into the new year

2009 - a nice and very cold day and a silent ride into the snowy Cathedral Pines. 8am, -10C. 10:30am, still -7C, icy roads, clear blue sky.

Fresh Powder riding in CP, just a little less than predicted by the forecast, but a decent snow cover for Long Island. Here is some fresh cut footage:

MTB @ CP in the snow from Percy Zahl on Vimeo.

And a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 to all of Py's Blog followers!