Sunday, July 31, 2011

Early Birds flying South

Sunday -- back to the normal routine. Leaving by 6:35 towards Manorville, easy pace. Quite a well sized group gathered for the ride -- Py figured South it will be -- nice.


GAP Mike, but no one else today. Few strong riders, few of the new road dudes from RP cycles. T had to catch up with the bathroom late... so we waited while a sub group already rolled out -- they would be our prey to catch o-] They got about good full 5 minutes head start... Just as Py took a good move in front the early starters came into sight on South Country Rd -- he kept moving but his pass by and sit in of some riders caused a little disruption of the flight... and reorganization took a moment. As usual a fast pace on Dune Road and over the bridge. A short lasting reassembly and rolling again just little bit easier until hitting Newton Road and the chase of a single rider not waiting for a few behind stuck in traffic was on again. This whole lap (#5 on my garmin data) including the slower start averaged at 42.2km/h or 252 Watts XPower ending with quite a full speed ahead at the famous (?!?!? some claim it it one of the most busiest ?!?!?) Seven-Eleven out here. No so bad Sunday morning.


Only at these hot days Py need to get in, but today he opted for a coffee and a big bottle of cold water. Thx Mike!

Here is a plot of the work Py has done today -- the black line -- sitting just there near critical power in the 250 Watts range for about one full hour -- readings of sustained 350 Watts 30 sec avg for quite often -- even on 5th wheel....


... and finally rolling back not much slower. Great ride. Easy home, but yes, not skipping the little hills on North Country and even adding the WRDK -- you still not figured it (see ** below)?


Fast finish just on 2nd wheel to parking.

** [WRDK := Wading River Devils Kitchen]

Saturday, July 30, 2011

RP2IPBP+WRDK -- take a guess what this is

Back to the old local route -- 5 days to the ToC. Just a few riders at the start. Felt like it's going to be a fairly warm day with a little wind, pretty nice. En route four more riders joined after the warm up hills... Good cruising out East with a bit of an tail wind support. A little temporary disorder in the "small" field, well -- all what really helps is to ramp up speed and they all line up ;-) Iron Pear Beach park snack and bathroom stop -- they are now finally open :-) Top off water... and return.


Good job by James at the end climbing the baby Devil at the WR Pond and following my wheel all the way back ;-) Good ride every one!

You got it -- what is "+WRDK"?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Adirondacks Day 7 - Saturday - Prospect Mtn/Lake George/Hudson River

Last day start near Lake George -- one more climb and some nice back roads -- need more of those!!!


Friday, July 22, 2011

Adirondacks Day 6 - Friday - Brant Lake Loop

Recreational ride to and around Brant Lake.


2nd breakfast at....


and up hill return to the house starting about here after crossing the Hudson river.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Adirondacks Day 5 - Thursday - Lake Placid IRM/ITT Loop

Lake Placid Ironman Loop. Remote ride start in Lake Placid, mixing into several TT riders pre riding the TT lap of the Lake Placid Ironman happening this following Sunday. A quite hot day, a strong wind, a great start into the loop with tail winds and down hill flying at speeds up to 50mph leaving some TT riders behind..... fun. Easy 40k in under an hour this way even on a regular Road Bike! But wait -- the loop is not yet finished. Heading to the out and back part and pulling the group back up at good speed, then climbing up some hill and finally hitting a bad bad bad a** hot gusty head wind on rolling terrain.


busy busy and a lot of expositions already on display


Pizza dinner.

On the return exploring some of the so inviting looking lakes -- a great swim and refreshing fun, but far from cold, just perfect!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Adirondacks Day 4 - Wednesday - Lake George

Heading to Lake George.


Fast roll off and down the hill from the house, nice rolling roads one little longer climb until we got this view above. Proceeding near the lake on a pretty good rolling road featuring some good climbs as well! Here at one water stop - a little over priced location... before taking a break and enjoying the scenery at a much nicer spot at the lake before hitting one more great climb...


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Adirondacks Day 3 - Tuesday - Adriondacks Park Loop "Ididaride"

Ididaride -- what's this? Just a ride, some good miles and gentle up and downs around the Adirondacks Park.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Adirondacks Day 2 - Monday - Little post rain North Creek Loop

Thunder and heavy rain at night and one more storm in the morning delayed the first AD ride. Finally heading out for a short exploration ride to North Creek.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tour of the Catskills Stage 2 Pre Ride -- The Devil awaits

Devils Kitchen. Sounds scary? To be figured out.

Sunday morning -- start of one more Summer vacation or 7 days of riding and climbing the Adirondacks. But before getting all the way up state a stop at the Catskills park to pre ride the ToC stage 2 featuring the (in) famous devils kitchen. A pretty nice ride on mostly remote roads. A decent warm up climb, fun down hills and pretty rolling terrain a long flat until at mile 56 a gentle climb initiated the final climb to the KOM on top of Devils Kitchen. A real beast -- total climb about 500m in 6km, but wait -- 400m of that are covered in just 2.5km steepening up to 25% briefly with short "recovery" repeats of 12% recovery and 20..25% steeps. No need to say any more -- hurts.

The story in thumbnails -- intermediate stop to ride the ToC S2, together with Dan following my wheel.


.... Water or any stores en route seam rare -- finally located a Campground store for a really needed water refill break before approaching the Devil ....


Here a few photos taken later:


Arriving at the Adirondacks house and dinner: