Saturday, July 28, 2012

RP2IPBP-JP -- the Submarine return

This Saturday morning looking forward to a "home" ride again. 730 at Tildas, humid, overcast but dry roads and looking OK so far. Rolling out with some of the usual's, nice moving over the rollers and out east. At IPBP -- a few drops, sky looking a little dark out South-West. Heading for a Coffee at Duffy's, a few more drops but nothing too bad yet -- however, cars with lights on and darkening sky...

While proceeding on the return route the light rain intensified steadily... turning into a severe instant flooding poor down not ending for some, time. Well, warm and wet splashing though water, pointless avoiding any bigger puddles as often inch deep water all over... Will make it in some of the most pushing water rides nearly submarine road conditions.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Super ToC Ride

This is going to be an Epic ride. The idea of a ToC training ride sparked at the last Pawling Mountain race when Py meet Nick again and with a few climbs in mind plus a little extra a new route was made up linking climbs, know roads and a little new terrain. Little advertising the ride within a select group of riders only Benjamin finally made it.

Meeting in Tannersville by 9:30. Sorting things out, getting ready -- including the support vehicle as Dave, Nick's dad was so kind to make sure we do have all we need at any time and followed us in Py's car -- many thanks again!


The three rolled out heading towards the first warm up climb on Scribner Hollow Road following a fun strait decent -- a little scary as two deer where on left and right on the road but stayed there -- Py flying down with some good speed, regoup at turn. Gently rolling and downhill for the next miles, a quick downhill with a near missed turn... good to get reminded on this one again! Proceeding West via Windham -- a minor detour due to a missing bridge... Excellent team work of those three riders. The next wall on the menu was Airport Road - Nick is killing it. (you know it or better find out about it). From top of that a fast decent into Lexington. Climbing up Deep Notch and descending into Shandaken. Taking 28 to Big Indian -- quick water refill and snack stop about 1/2 way to the bottom of the next climb "Winisook". Peaking at about 820m and even a great view on top!


A great initial steep decent again hitting top speeds around 78km/h and a magnificent and very scenic ride in Frosty Valley just flying in a group of three "down stream" on a gentle decent.



Felt kind of funny having a few random spectators here...


Then from Claryville to a minor settlement passing a temporary bridge and wondering/waiting for the support car -- it did not got lost? No, just got more cold :-) water! One more refill and a few snacks before hitting the next climb of more kind of wall at Barnes Road. Peak again near 800m. And then a wonderful long decent... the longest (by elevation) of the ride. Proceeding on a nice road and gentle steady climb on Peakamoose South and over descending to 28A. Quick and final water top off. Proceeding to Mountain Valley Road and hitting a little (unexpected or not remembered) but short wall before reaching Woodstock on slightly rolling roads. From there not too far -- the final climb -- The Devils Kitchen -- hitting this series of walls at mile 117. A few riders in GFNY kit's hanging out at the upper bend. Some how the slow go eliminated any cooling to Py's feet any for the last mile of the steep part they kind of felt like on fire... Then just rolling "home" with what ever was left.


A perfect day and great small group of three. Every on did a great job. Nick got pretty much all the KOMs.

A day, a ride and 198km / 123mi and 2,914m / 9,560ft vertical.

Finishing the day with a good dinner at "Last Chance Cheese".

Saturday, July 21, 2012

ToC Training Weekend - Saturday

After packing up all gear and food needed a road trip up to Tannersville/Hunter in the Catskills. Again staying at his favorite Fairlawn Inn. Checking in, getting ready for a "warmup" ride rolling out of Hunter taking the turn off the main road via Stony Clove Notch to Phoenicia. Then following old route 28 to Beaver Kill into Woodstock -- this historic and famous musician place. Debating to stop at the Cafe, but way too crowded -- heading on to tackle Devils Kitchen and head back.
This first day and with not too much riding by the time of hitting this set of walls he felt pretty good and this was no big deal.


Back at the Inn, a little chilln and enjoying the nice place. Later a little coordinating the ride start for the next day.


Sunday, July 08, 2012

Pawling Mounatin Road Race. -- Sorry for the late post, busy.

Early Sunday morning driving to Pawling, NY. A very nice morning, little to no traffic that time, as nice as a drive could be... Arriving with plenty of time, meeting up with few GABs, Chris with family and Mike the mechanic and his daughter. Nice setting at a lake.


Little (too littel?) warmup ride.
Race start 9am, just rolling out with ease in a good group heading up towards the first climb. Slowly moving up in the field and managed to get a good position at the climb start in the top few riders. Working well, very happy. Py still been concerned about his shoulder and had to basically put the hands loose on top of the bar. Near the top missing just a few Watt-Minutes and drifting back a few spots mid field just as some rider managed to cause a little pile up about two riders ahead, going so, tumbling over as cause of miss shift and stalling or what so ever taking at least one or two other guy down into the ditch... and cause a little delay. Py then just passing the scene and trying to hang on as this opened a good gap. One (and a few more later) of the unlucky riders came up from behind and worked together with Py to chase them down. They got the front field in sight and closed up to about 100m at the base of the next climb but with all the work done had a hard time to get on.
Just kept going finishing the 1st lap starting into the 2nd -- a few more riders picked up and also some caught up from behind to them but on the "first" climb 2nd lap Py went up front and dropped them all off again... just GAB Chris managed this time to hang on. Py and this one other rider (Jeff O.) kept the gap between the stragglers solid and finished together 37/38 out of 70 riders within the NYS Championship CAT4 competition.

Here are a few photos Py took later of the CAT3 race - unfortunately no other photographer was around:


Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Jeff's (LI) adventure ride - joined teams

July 4th early morning 5am. The sun is not yet up but it's enough light to see that it's wet and a few drops are falling out of the sky. Well, let'd get some breakfast and Cappuccino and get ready. It's 22deg warm already, so what. Rolling out a few mins to 6am, a few drops, mostly from trees and spray from the wet road. Heading to "wake up" Karl to proceed to Jeffs. A little clearing up even a few dry spots but 1/2 way to the meeting point more rain set in again...

So what, at least not smoking hot -- felt pretty good besides the sandy dirty mess and slippery feeling road surface. Cruising at decent steady pace with caution. Interesting "new" loop finding a few fun little roads on the way. Hitting the North Shore a few of the HHH sections making it to Port Jefferson.
From there Py looped around and left the group heading back. Good ride :-)

Happy 4th of July.

and thanks for the invite

Sunday, July 01, 2012

EBsS again -- little speed session

Today Py wondered again to the Birds ride and they should go South. Good to see Trevor and few others -- no more GABs today :-( Rolling out with Trev then taking a good pull setting a base pace. Gary, Zav,... taking more great moves up front... and a few more good riders working nicely and fairly smooth today. Pretty much zero wind today, moderately humid and warming up fast. Good riding out to Dune and nice steady and fast pace on Dune Rd. Averaging all the way out to the post bridge stop little over 40km/h -- nice. One more fast move to the Seven-Eleven stop. Filling up the definitively needed water today. Rolling back and rolling in 3rd or such, but who cares here... still missing top end power from core work still not really able to "pull" on the handle bar to put down the last notch of power.  Well done all!


Riding back home via Lake Panamoka and NC and RP Water Tower -- getting hot -- time to chill and watch LeTour.