Monday, May 31, 2010

Holiday Harbour Hills Ride

The HHH ride 2010 from SUNY/Getty took off again. Py enjoyed a nice warm morning ride out there, arriving a bit early. A good dozen+ riders showed up for Kevin's annular holiday ride!


The groups started out together, as the pace picked up, or better stayed high and some power was put down on the climbs -- it separated, here the head group's view.

Following a few snap video shots... taking all the scenic and hilly roads of the harbor area.




... and back at the start.


Here is the little complicated route -- the video edit took a bit longer and the result as well -- too many turns to show. This route includes a part double out and back plus a visit to Cedar beach on the return from the ride with George.

Video is following soon -- needs to be uploaded.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Early Birds South -- nice mix of riders and teams today

Still the best ride out East on Long Island -- in many aspects. It has some history dating back, well -- if Py would know exactly -- but at least a generation (~30 yrs) or more, rumors are that even George Hincapie was on this ride in his early days! And still never it is the same. Riders coming and going, some old long lasting core -- just a great mix. Local teams showing up all the time, colors are changing -- but it's always the "Birds" ride. Even the two routes North & South are pretty much the same since long, but not since ever -- in the very past it was some where further West.

Today a very nice day again -- can hardly be any better for a ride. Py rode to Manorville as usual, a tail wind helped getting there early. South today. The ride started out with some stop and go as two flat stops early into the ride were breaking it up, from then good moving. Flying on Dune road -- the wind exposed bridge was once again some work, in particular as the field got split apart at the last mile one Dune road -- Py just dropped back from a pull -- to far back -- from a pull and ended up with a few not hanging on and a gap opened too fast way ahead plus the few at front were pushing the pace further. Trying to get back on he even dropped the few behind him, but not made it on in time before hitting the bridge. Same old. Should have merged in just a few riders back.

Here at the reassembly after the bridge.


and moving on.


From then on just a good pace, he took it easy sitting in most the time.

The return after the 7-11 stop was good strong moving into the wind, but thank to the big 30+ riders field, no big deal at all.

Before riding home a quick Cappoccino to refresh a bit at the Manorville Starbucks with friends, very nice day!

Here are the group ride sections:

4 00:39:47 23.03 km 34.7 km/h (Manorville - Dune road)
5 00:16:41 11.80 km 42.4 km/h (Dune road)
6 00:40:12 23.85 km 35.6 km/h (Bridge - 7-11)
7 00:40:14 24.58 km 36.6 km/h (7-11 - Manorville)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

RP2IPBP - good ride

A nice warm day, a little wind, just fine for Py's RP2IPBP ride. Departing from Tilda's promptly at 9am with Ed, Doug and Ed, Rick joined few minutes later to the ride. Moving out east, Py took a good set of long well moving pulls -- little more TT training.


Nice stop at Iron Peer Beach Park -- facilities are open now!

Good ride, great day.

PS: Next weekend Py will be racing -- may be see you at the CSR!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Flying Early Birds and Turbo charged return...

Sunday again to the Birds. The early morning started out very foggy and damp. Water condensing on bike, helmet, glasses, clothes... for the first half. Riding out to Manorville as usual. A good group gathered. And well, right out of the parking lot the first flat...


But from then on no troubles and fast moving all time. Deli stop.


And flying return. Not much to add. But then George jumped in from his TT test with his new turbo charged machine and did his part to push up the pace of the few remaining (GABs...) at the front all the way back on 51/111 -- Speeds at that stretch never dropped below 30-some thing mph or 48+km/h...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cedar Creek Criteriam

Cedar Creek Criterium Saturday 2010-05-22. Rob, Kris, Chris and Py of GABs ventured again to the little nice Cedar Creek park in Wantagh. The CAT 4 started at 10am and they had a pretty good time, taking control for a major part of the race -- may be Py spend a bit to much time out front there, but he felt pretty good all time. Just at the end got a bit stuck and blocked off to move more up in time, well -- enjoy some pictures and the life view from Py's perspective.


Watch my summary of the CAT 4 race::

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Early Birds South -- long has it been, good fast group

Sunday, once again back to the Early Birds ride! About 6:35 Py left his house to ride to Manorville, the EBs start. What a timing -- just hitting 25A out of Rocky Point Mike was just riding the same way... now two GABs on their way.


Tom, one more Bandit rolled to the start. A good group started out South today. Nice pace. Good work. One flat stop at Dune Road... else just flying along.


Back home already just little after 11 -- almost 80miles in just 3h45 -- nice.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

RP2IPBP - 100% ride to ride - no cars!

One more RP2IPBP ride, back to the old regular route, no road closure any longer -- just a dirt section. A very nice day, can harldy be any better, just perfect temperature, a slight breeze and crisp clear sky and air. Just a few today -- and no one needed a car today to get to Py's ride -- that's first ever that happened -- very good! Also a nice good pace. Total riding time about 2:40 for the 55mi.


Sunday, May 09, 2010

Tour de Parc - Criterium

This Sunday Py went with the Green Arm Bandits to the Tour de Parc in Wantagh. A nice sunny Sunday, also no need to get up crazy early today -- how is that in a while? It was a very windy and chilly day, but nice and dry.

IMG_8944.JPG IMG_8942.JPG

The CAT 4 started 10:30. For the first four laps speeds were quite high up chasing after an early six rider break away. At about lap five out of 25 they seamed to gave up and the pace settled a bit down. On of the Bandits, Rob, was in between the six. From then on nothing in particular happened. Py stayed almost all the time with in the first few position in this 2nd pack and shared some leading and little play -- in particular feeling and being most safe up in front. At about 2 (or was it 3?) to go, the break away actually lapped the field behind and thus the race was over at 25 laps for the break away and with 24 laps just going to the finish for all others. Not 100% sure, but Py thinks the Bandits came in at 6th (Rob?) and 11-12-13 (+/-2 or such, not exactly sure yet until full results are published) Own, Py, Chris -- not sure about Mikes position.


Py stayed the whole day and took a few many more pictures... a selection of the selection: