Saturday, November 29, 2008


Again. Saturday, RP2IPBP with Craig. Chilly feeling morning, but blue sky and sunny. Waiting at Tildas for one more potential rider with C -- but none showed by 905. Moving out, it took quite some time to get little warm. Going out east was fast with that West wind. Just little over an hour to IPBP. The return was some work, but the shared and tricked the wind... and even made up some good time and speed.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day RP2IPBP Variant

Thanksgiving day ride. Not much going on this day, some more easy ride from Wadingriver, partly en route RP2IPBP. Py decided to ride there and join the group for a while, then after Boyscout hill he left the group and proceeded on RP2IPBP route, as they rode on strait at Sound Ave to the Beach. He had a few more miles and was not sure if he would catch up at the beach.

However, no one there, they must have left already, as he saw wet bike tire marks on the road shortly before the turn to the beach at this tiny kind of river passing...

So he took a quick rest as he made some TT out there before proceeding. Interestingly, on Middle Country they cough up to Py who was going little more moderate pace and they must have taken some different route there. Proceeding to Riverhead looking for some bagel place -- closed.

Different bagel place on Mill/58 -- success. Some longer coffee and warm up break, as it was uncomfy freekn' cold outside, just not not freezing, but humid and windy.

From here, Py decided to return by himself via original RP2IPBP route, he got some what cold, even working hard and having on his neoprene booties. Some good workout with varying intensity.

Some how not optimal, cold. He did not felt so well next day and stayed mostly home.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Recovery days -- update on WLSCC

Pasts two days and today's rainy day Py just enjoyed being lazy for recovery -- from workout point of view. Just an hour of easy laps in the pool tonight felt really great.

Update on WLSCC:
More photos and official links to results at

Also Py added some more photos to his slide show, in the previous post, so check them out again!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

2008 Whitmore's Landscaping Super Cross Cup - Sun

Sunday WLSCC again, day two.

Same thing, same cold, but less wind -- what made it all a much nicer day. Just awesome again.

The race went out in "forward" direction, a few known modifications and add ons to the course. This time a much better and faster race developed, just fun and full power ahead.

Press articles:

More photos -- still more to be added of the Elite riders...:

Py got 14 highly official (whatsoever Northern America Cyclo Cross UCI Series) points for coming in as number 12 on Sunday. -- This should be equal to WP points o-) !!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

2008 Whitmore's Landscaping Super Cross Cup - SAT

The 2008 Whitmore's Landscaping Super Cross Cup, TWO UCI C1 Events, were a must go for Py this year again. Organized by Hampton Velo.

Saturday morning he go ready to race these two upcoming day in the 3/4 Master 35+ category and enjoy the rest of the day watching the remaining races. Driving out to Southampton took about 45min. Here is a link to the schedule.

It was a very cold and really windy November day, especially with that wind chill factor:

Already at the registration table he got little cold waiting in line, but the line was short. That done he got ready for warm up and checked out the course, did a couple of easy laps. It was about the same than last year, but in reverse for the first day. The ground was rock solid frozen and thus it was fast.

At some exposed spots of the course the cold wind blew straight into his face. The former challenging climb now turned into a tricky downhill as the turn at the bottom was off camber like on frozen grass -- which was a slide out for a bunch of riders later.

His race started at about 10:15, a big group some how slow going and bunching up several times, no real race feeling was coming, always stuck behind and not even really getting warm at this given conditions. The 40min flew by in time...

After that done, Py had a good time and took many many photos, enjoy:

Py got 13 highly official (whatsoever Northern America Cyclo Cross UCI Series) points for coming in as number 13 on Sunday. -- This should be equal to WP points o-) !!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

RRL -- arctic freak'n cold wind - Brrrrrr.

Tuesday update -- Road Ride Lunch training ride w T, Camp, out east to Mill Rd, in reverse. Just a quick fast lunch time spin into the arctic cold wind. Good workout and prep for the upcoming Rad-Quer or Cyclo Cross Race weekend in Southampton >2008 Whitmore's Landscaping Super Cross Cup< -- The greatest biggest highest ranked bike race event on LI -- Py thinks.

So do not miss that! Come along and support Py, not only virtual this time....

Sunday, November 16, 2008

About this WP Points

Py may need to explain... what all these WP point are all about.

1st) WP = Winterpokal = Winter-Cup
2nd) WP is a online challenge of members of the IBC (Internet Bike Community), originated in Germany, however, Py is member since long. So members are asked to form teams of five riders to just keep up biking (including other activities) over the winter season and getting rewaded points for activities following a simple scheme and by time.
3nd) Team member can compare each other and may get motivated to do a little extra lap to finish up that one more point... and all teams are also ranked over all. There is also some best team price....

Points are rewareded by mainly by time:

Each finished 15min biking block = 1 point -- i.e. 3:10 hours biking = 12 points, finish that more 5 mins and get 13point. Equivalent to biking is only Cross Country Skiing if there is snow..., indoor biking/rollers/etc. also counts. (Computer moving time counts)

Running, 20min block = 1 point.

Any other activity of 30min or more (vollyball, swimming, gym, ....)  counts 2 points fixed.

That's all about it, here is the current situation:

Trevors #3 - storm before the ice age is arriving

Sunday morning, again Py got out for Trevors ride. It started out already with some strong head wind going west to the start. This day steady West wind of 22..25mph with gusts up to 45mph was expected.

A good sized early group got a head start of over 18minutes today, before Py within the about 10 riders counting faster groups rolled out. They were flying out West over the hills and South with reasonable efforts with an average of 36.7km/h at the turn into Osborne from there going South with strong Cross Winds at over 38km/h until the turned more West with varying strong head winds, still going at 34.3km/h -- thanks to our strong guys in front pushing so much air, Py kept it safe, just a few not to long pulls and hiding behind some of the big strong guys :-)

So they came back at a quite good time...

Today Py took a break with some of the others with an very good Cinnamon Raisin Bagel at Bagels and a Hole lot more or such place -- this should take care of the low on energy problem he had last time going home -- and so he flew home with tail wind today ;-)

Stopped for some goodies at Tildas and was early, meaning just finished 14 points so far, stuffed the goods he got into his rear pocket and headed little further East, passing or flying by two other rides and turning back into old Rocky Point at the East End, winding back towards home with a few scenic detours adding quite a good number of elevation meter gains...

Todays stats:

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Radquer | Cyclocross day

At Veteran's day Py went out for an alternative training ride on his Stonbite Cross Velo and headed towards CP to meet with Craig and Karl for a few CP laps. A crisp clear windy and chilly day, great warm in the sun, pretty chilly in the shade and on open wind exposed areas.

Also this was an experiment to do the whole trail with all diamonds on his Stonie Cross, but was 100% ridable and flying on the very few smoother straits... Basically skill and traction limited, sliding on tonns on leaves and bouncing over hidden roots. May be little less tire pressure would have done good. But it was all fun and a great workout, no troubles at all.

Here the most active three of the WP team so far... 11 good well earned points today.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Trevors #2

2nd Sunday of November, means Trevors ride #2. So Py got up little past 6am got ready by 7:35 and rolled out and pushed up this steep hill in front of his house... some what not feeling so well today, tiered and little low on energy, may be low on sugar? However, he got to the start in the usual 35 min, so all must be normal enough.

The early group was almost ready to go as he arrived...

So what, let's chill out 15 more minutes in teh nice early morning sun -- seams like getting a great day. The chase group... just a few riders so far.

The group grew up to nine riders if Py remembers right. 8:33 -- they rolled out and kept moving nicely constant good pace, as Py did felt little weired this morning, he played as smart as reasonable and just stayed very shortly at front or just kept hiding from the wind more behind. This worked out great all the way :-)

On Mill Rd the eary group came into sight and they passed them, a few riders tagged on and kept going the faster pace. Also K tagged on, he gained one more point for starting out slow, as funny as it is... so what, Py was feeling little better after finishing up one more Clif bar and completed the group ride today all teh way back to PJ/112 instead of bailing East on North Country.

Here K & C back at the start.

What a day. Py rode back at decent pace, but a few miles before home he all sudden run really low on fuel... and was going at some emergeny pace for the last few minutes and made it to Tildas. Got a bad of goodies and a piece of Rasberry Crum Cake -- this was dedicated to be finishged on the spot -- that helped a lot and he got back enough power to finish up the ride and make the 15 points for today -- one more hill lap.

Ride stats:

Total: 3h46:37, 119 km, 882 m elev gain, 146 bpm avg / 179 bpm max, 83 rpm, 68.6 km/h max, 31.5 km/h avg, 4200 cal.

Group Lap: 2h:21:17, 85 km, 502 m elev gain, 156 bpm avg / 179 bpm max, 91 rpm, 68.6 km/h max, 36.2 km/h avg, 3092 cal

Saturday, November 08, 2008


A grey fully overcast humid windy 15C warm morning. Wet leaves spread all over minor roads -- extra attention for that. Py decided the RP2IPBP ride is a go and meet w C at 9am at Tildas for the old RP2IPBP ride.

On the way he had to stop for this view...

at Iron Pear Beach Park... a grey background

an good decent just right ride to prepare for Trevors.

Visit of Tildas at end of the ride and
one lap around the block to complete 12 WP points -- needless to say, this lap adds also 80hm.

Friday, November 07, 2008

10k Bluestones...

Drizzel, warm, wet, high humidity, slippery leaves, just messy on the road. Py put in a few lunch time runs...

This is his favorite route w/o warmup/cooldown and meeting at the reactor sections -- scenic back roads within the quite woods of the Camp.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Road Ride Lunch

This nice warm and sunny morning at the time he was up to close his gate before driving to the Camp, Py spontaneously decided to get quickly back in and grab his road bike and stuff in expectancy of some one would think a like and would be up for a quick lunch time ride at noon.

So it came, and Py meet up with Trevor at the old reactor building. A great day for good ride, a perfect pace.

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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Trevors race (ride) #1

The first Sunday of November kicked off the change from EBs to Trevors route or ride... same core riders, hillier route, no stop, similar distance, later start at 8:30 for the winter season.

This morning and basically all day it was pretty chilly, clear sky and windy, 4C as Py left his house to ride the 16km on mostly North Country to the start in Port Jeff at 112. He got quickly to the start and was early, he had tail wind.

All he got were a few photos of the riders at the start -- the assembled riders were mostly some of the stronges out here on LI -- getting interesting...

From Trevors

So far so good, 8:30 they rolled out of the parking lot and got moving pretty fast for the first section out easy on North Country, flying over the seamingly not existing hills, Py felt good so far and was may be little too excited and took some good pulls... they passed some riders fixing (a flat?) of the 8:12 started group. Pulling again out to Boy-Scout-Hill into the wind little too long, Py got little behind but caught back up to the little slowing group shortly before Osborne.
Turning into Osborne with some tail wind (12mph NNE) they started racing at up/over 50km/h what did gave Py a hard time to hang on, not yet recovered from the catch up and as they aproached the light at Old Country he still was close, the group passed the light just at the end of the green phase and Py lost even more time at the red light :-(
In the mean while Py joined up with S. who also got behind. They continued as a duo team, so that was good. On mill they caught two more dropped riders, one was K. They just tagged on... Taking turns again on Mill, a differen slower group ride came along opposide direction on mill, telling they were 30sec behind -- well, true or not, no way to catch up with the "big" guys.

Two riders bailed out (home?) early, so only K. and Py were left, Py took one long pull the long way back back to North Country, from where he rode back this same road again as he came, roade out and now back. It seamed the arctic cold wind was always in Pys face and it did not warmed up at all.

The Ride stats - almost 70mi:

Saturday, November 01, 2008

CP laps

Saturday morning about 8:15, not yet sure what's up for the day, Py got up and checked mail and figured it was already 8:20... and his buddies wanted to ride CP at 9am.... welllllll, hurry up, quick Cappuccino, splashing some water in the face, grabbing all the stuff, dressing up and putting the big bike in the car, skippin breakfast, and taking a few Cliff bars and water... he drove to CP and arrived in time.

A very nice day was just starting out slightly chilly but good for short sleeves and pants to start out, great. They stared out at a good pace and kept going form half way at good, but little more moderate pace enjoying the ride.

One lap down, quick snack, they decided to go for one more, still getting nicer :-)

Two laps down, quick 2nd snack and one more, but just the dolly lap for cool down.

Three laps down. Nice ride guys....

Back home after some shopping, house work and other stuff... Py finally got his "breakfast" in just little delayed.