Saturday, July 31, 2010

Return to RP2IPBP - a beautiful day for a good ride

After weeks in the 90 deg F range with humidity level high up -- a release since Friday. A beautiful day for a ride. This morning expecting a few more usuals, however, only Marco, Rick and John showed up. Meeting a bigger group at IPBP.


Good decent moving ride today.

Kreb Friday Night Race

This Friday: 1 lap TT (optional) and 18 lap RR (A). Py skipped the TT lap... well, just a few faster warm up laps. Taking his helmet cam once in a while again along. Few pictures (by E.M.):


The GABs were present in a good number today. A number of breaks wet off and got caught up again. Always at least one of the GABs was going with or even started one.


With about 5 laps to go Py was sitting on Robs wheel as a group was drifting off -- Owen in it already. It was just approaching this little incline at good speeds the gap was significant but looked manageable to bridge... here the sequence, starting jumping around and away at km 35.71/0:52:49 -- peaking at 53km/h around km 36.31/0:53:35 for a while until catching up at km 36.78/0:54:13.


From then just a fast ride with the break to the finish -- coming in at 6th place.

Here a few more pictures:


Kreb Cycle Friday Night Race from Percy Zahl on Vimeo.

Kreb Cycle Friday Night Race 2010/07/31, read more about it here: Team GAB News
[tech. notes:
-raw footage taken with VholdR HD 1280x720p @ 60fps, approx. 8GB/hour
-info: race time (hh:mm:ss), distance (km), speed (km/h), lap#, elevation (m), power** (W)
** Power estimated/computed from speed/elevation gain, assuming no drafting, means number is up to 30% too high if sitting in.]

Race average was: 41.0km/h

Thursday, July 29, 2010

First Annual Long Island Criterium on 8/15/2010

Presented by: Suffolk Bicycle Riders Association,
held in Brentwood, NY on Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sign up here soon:
... and help us spreading the word about it to kick it off!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Empire State Games - Buffalo 2010 - Cycling

4 days of racing with Long Island's 2010 Cycling Team at the Empire State Games hold in Buffalo, NY are history now. Looking back (all from Py's perspective):

ESG Qualifier #1 and #2.

ESG TTT training sessions...

A long drive with a car full of bikes and accessories up to Buffalo, sign in, etc...

Some time to explore the area -- any need to tell what and where that is?


Py went to the games opening ceremony on Wednesday evening (Py took his camera without memory card -- very use full) and walked with a crowed of LI athletes into the stadium to watch the show.

Thursday, day 1 -- ITT (10 miles):
Little lost on some abandoned parking lots and ghost buildings, just shortly before the officials put the signs up with directions. Py was first in line to get this part one of four done -- no one to chase from the start, may be that's why he did not got up to full speed. The head wind from the turn around point felt kind of brutal...


Friday, day 2 -- Road Race (60 miles, or 6 laps on a 10 mile loop):

A heavy down poor on the drive to the remote start, steaming hot, every thing was sticky and felt kind of wet -- even no rain, some sun in between dark clouds over the race start and parking lot. Roads were about dry, just "sticky".
This was a big one: Decision on the wheels to use for today -- go with nice light full carbon EA90SLs with tubular tires or take the bomb proof GP4000s on the also nice Shamals? Rain and wet parts were very likely -- plus it would be really advantageous to safe (just in case) the so responsive carbon wheels for the upcoming Criterium. Py decided on GP4ks. One more issue, as he and only one of his team riders runs C11, there won't be many spares in the wheel car! The EA90 rear went to the feed zone as back up.
At the start officials announced one more issue what turned out to be quite fatal for many: fresh "sanded" road section on the 2nd climb/top. These are thousands of little tiny super sharp rocks, just put down the day before, not yet worn and dulled.

The race went off easy. The first climb some work but manageable, the downhill and 90 deg turn, no issue at all. Smooth fast run to the 2nd climb hitting these sanded patches. Py some where 1/3 in front to mid field, all fine. Just getting moving again after the climb -- Brian, the only other LI rider with C11 as well on the right of the road with a flat rear. The wheel car far behind at the very end of the field. Py did not thought much, as he was definitively the strongest rider of the LI team and gave him his rear wheel to get him going right away and waited himself for the wheel car. [Not really imagining that Brian would happen to get one more flat later.] Waiting and loosing valuable time for him self...... several minutes later, it came. The support guy kind of big and very slow and having all the time of world. "I need a C11 rear..., yes Long Island, there must be one!!!" The guy digging in wheels, and finally found it. Py put it on, not that you may get a hand... but that's OK. However, for a puzzling reason he started taking off Py's number from the jersey -- no clue how he came to that funny idea, almost getting angry, "put it back!"... "and stick this paper from the other wheel on it and let me go!" --- argrrr.
Finally, rolling again -- not sure, felt like at least 5..10 minutes (to be checked on GPS) any part and every one of the field long gone. Chasing on ghosts -- virtually nobody in sigh. Flying downhill at over 55mph with scary cross winds, climbing up, even passing some riders, a little work with one, but not long. Finally after one lap some more riders coming in sight, oh, and some LI colors in grey red as well! Joining Karl and Tobi (was this you?), taking off w Karl. It turned out they also suffered flats and delays... Lap 3 w Karl. "Get the yellow guys on the next climb! -- Yes sir..." (some what in be leave that's it as we were about 10..15+ minutes behind at this time). Catching up to a mostly yellow group and taking over, at the hill towards lap 4 finish Py just went up and away on the climb, picking up and moving up with a (Western?) rider in blue, Karl controlled the group behind -- obviously not very responsive at all. Passing the feed zone on top again "far away from the others behind", grabbing water about every 2nd time. Little upset to hear keep going... weird, so what. Lonely and little bored again, Karl far behind -- not even in sight. One more lap, almost alone, at some point later Karl came up from behind again with other stragglers. Spotting more riders with flats... even one of the LI team changing his tube. The down hill was just awesome once you figured out you can go for it at full speed. Just finished the climbs again and the race more or less together with Karl. At this point Py was not sure if that would be it and conserved a bit energy -- but it was. Kind of strange road race.

Saturday, day 3 -- Criterium (28 miles on 1 mile 4 corner course):
Not really his thing nor his day. Also kind of fast, or too fast for Py. The Western riders lined up their TT guys in front and basically killed it. Py got off the back of the field in the 2nd .. 3rd lap, then just finishing up his laps and taking a few pictures after that.

Sunday, day 4 -- TTT (38 miles in 3 and a part lap):
Feeling not too bad at all in the morning, (too) gently warming up. The order was given, Py starting at last position of the A team, starting with Brian -- this means, Py had to get to the front just after a strong pull of B. -- already asking for trouble. And so it came shortly after he did his 2nd (or was it the 3rd) full rotation at the turn around as Brian just took over at the turn around with just a very slight incline, a little bigger spacing after the turn the team of 4 ahead accelerating to over 51km/h or 31mph and nothing left but more than burned out legs to hang on -- not even breathing hard or any where near high heart rate that time, just out of any fast acting fuels. Just trying hard maintaining any reasonable speed at some 23..24mph was at the edge of what was left and far beyond good and bad pain... moving along for a few minutes at some recovery level brought Py back to maintain some "normal" speed to finish up his task and 2 laps plus the turn around. Other teams passing by. Good to watch the remaining team doing so well as they came back into sight after the 2nd turn around -- they were at that time already 2x2 minutes ahead as he figured reaching the turn around him self. Wondering how they did it. Just keep it going and watching the happenings. One rider was on the side, must have crashed in some way -- looked a bit banged up and walking around a bit disturbed -- but was taken care of. After one more lap done and the (for Py) final turn around stopping and waiting for the team to roll in with 3 laps done. Walking, sitting, .... all no good positions that time. However, they and especially the whole Team Long Island did it -- Bronze for the TTT (A team) and also all over! Coaches and every one was super happy :-)

In particular big thanks to Gregory and Chris -- our coaches! And all of the LI team and in particular also our so great and successful womens team for this awesome 4 day race at the Games! Also to all the organizers and helpers of the big event. Py hope they all loved it and also (like us) learned a bit to make it even better next time. Sorry if there were some excitements while in action.

Click to view full size image

All over Py was very excited and happy to participate in this "little" Empire State Olympiade like event at races on a level he did not experienced so far in his first year of racing at all. Doing his very best and finishing it all.