Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mt Snow -- The New England Way

Back on the Island. Wet wet wet days greeting Py Tuesday .. Friday, turning into a snow day on Friday, cool. Some how Py had enough of all that fluffy white. OK, a bit more XC free style skiing and goofin around. But wait -- over 50 inches of new snow in VT on Mt Snow? May be a good chance to figure out what New England and VT is in winter all about. One day trip to Mt Snow on Sunday.

A hill with cut into the woods slopes all around with a set of mostly ancient chair lifts... good play and to get a work out -- and definitively plenty of fresh fairly heavy powder like snow. Py would like to say New England powder. A fun day, just a bit too much time driving.



Sunday, February 21, 2010

Klosters - Davos

The last day -- again at Klosters - Davos, the 3rd day at Py's favorite place.

Picture not looking so different, so here is the mountain and his GPS tracks:


And the link to the data of one of the days:

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Scoul - Rodeln

Py got convinced by his friend to give it a try (again). It, it is sledding or "rodeln". And it, scares him, since he managed long ago to fracture his right radius in two parts while not getting a turn right on ice and bumping in and over a wooden panel.... this was at Braunwald in 2004 if he remembers right.

However, this time, equipped with much better steerable "Toggler" sledges. Heading to Scuol. Hoping for better weather, little concerned first. But, it came as it was predicted.


Here on a 4km long sledding dedicated run. They did it 7 times until it got late enough to take the way back. Well, worked all out fine, he liked it -- but no need to do this more than once in a while. He be leaves it's for kids, well, and just a times for big kids ;-)


The way back to the village Scuol, part sledding as well -- was in actually a bit more challenging that the previously run due to ice.


Finishing the day with a nice bath in the Scuol Thermal bath. And a good pizza dinner -- finally, after some just funny experience with weird pizza place -- not any longer knowing about there previous reservation o-] Well, there is more than one place to eat, and he like the other place even better.

Late/last train & bus back to Seewis.

Friday, February 19, 2010

A foggy, cloudy, snowy and wet day

Thursday, Davos again. Friday, foggy, cloudy, wet and snowing later. The morning, just good to sleep in and get one more mountain run, the same 10k thing, 5k, 500m up.... done and relax the rest of the day.




Just returning with the first drops of rain or snow.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Home Home and Quintus

A short trip home, very home to his parents in Negenborn, Germany. Now he the first time meet the "new" dog Quintus.

Here are some previous pictures, about little under a year ago:


And this is now, he is a pretty smart and lovely dog :-)


And also new, the second half of the house now is filled up with Photo-voltaic in addition to the high efficiency solar-thermal on left:


Monday, February 15, 2010

Skate Skiing

On Monday Py had the only morning time to do some nice skate skiing just across of the valley on top of Gruesch-Danusa. As later he was heading for the airport for a short trip to his real home.


It was a nice day, but a very cold morning and the rented ski were not properly waxed for these conditions as they were sticking to the ground in the shade like standing and get stuck on sand paper. No gliding, no fun at all. Only the few not any longer shaded parts of the trail were just acceptable and some fun. The course had a few good climbs to get cooking on... he did two laps in a terrifying slow pace due to that stickiness. The second seamed to go a bit better...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Just Friends

Saturday, was dedicated for the annual get together with friends for his friends bday party later in the day. Looking into a last start and some easy going, what was a nice and very scenic walk on top of Gruesch -Danusa side by side in an real winter wonder land.



This winter walk finished with lunch at the mountain house.

Back on the other side in Seewis, after some further shopping... Py got a bit nervous and thought a little run just before sun set would be a good thing to do before the party dinner. So, quicky changing into runnign gear, well, only light hiking boots, but good for the snowy conditions. A bit icy at the more used lower public open part of the road, then just very nice packed snow -- 5k and about 500m up and return, a decent 10k.