Monday, May 28, 2007

Recovery Ride

Today PyZahl needed to get out and back on his bike
for a litte recovery ride.
He just went to the Wading River Beach
and refreshed the legs in crystal clear sea water.

Looks very tempting to take a full bath,
but need a few more warm days to get comfortable...

This was the warm-up and recovery test ride,
he felt quite alright and started the GPS at that point,
and to get a little warmer he did a few laps in the area and 5 laps around
and over the Duck Pond hill followed by easy a cool down ride back home.

That done, a little BBQ with friends can not be too bad to finish off the day...

Saturday, May 26, 2007

things just happen

Beside PyZahls little stupid crash into some of these moving and suddenly almost invisibly stopping steel road obstacles... he had a good ride today and will take Sunday off for recovery.

The Ride Data.

PS: PyZahl should do more MTB, trees and other obstacles are more reliable and not moving unexpectedly ;-)

What about this: some cool movies from some of my friends over there

... all work and no play is no good at all -- ride :D bikes ... --

Track your buddies

This is made for dogs, but ma be cool also to track you buddies in the maze of woods :-o

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Green-Yellowisch "Nanoparticle" Contamination

These days the winds over the island are blowing these tiny sticky green-yellow particles all over. Luckily PyZahl had not any real trouble with that, but still, the combination of dust, dirt sand and sticky pollen making his eyes even covered by quite good and aerodynamic wind shedding prescription sun glasses little itchy -- may be will try to slip on his ski goggles for the next ride.

Nevertheless today was the We night hill ride day and it was a good one!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bloomin' Metric Ride

[[Saturday night some weather debates were going on at the SBRA Phorum according to Sundays ride conditions, PyZahl could not really understand that -- little chance of rain was on the forecast, so what???]]
his Sunday some of the Birds flew over to CT with that so slow ferry boat to participate in the 30th annual Bloomin' 2007 Metric organized by Sound Cyclists. So PyZahl got up very early at 4:45 to get a good breakfast and get ready for the ride of the first section from his home to the Port Jeff Ferry dock to catch the 7am boat. He took the most scenic (and hilly) route via harbor hills east of Port Jeff.

He got there with plenty of time, well, better than having some trouble on the road and missing it... so bird by bird came in... and we entered the boat and took off on time -- PyZahl was wondering and missing one rider -- nothing to do about it.

A second Coffee on board, some chatting and they arrived at Bridgeport:

They rode the little bumpy way out of the not so magnificent city and merged on the marked 100km route, mostly very nice rolling and smooth roads meandering along water reservoirs and some nice small rivers including waterfalls and mini cascades, a very little mountain feeling comes to PyZahls mind and he moves up and down the rolling terrain at a good pace having fun flying by many other riders. Was there one going faster at all? He be leaves not, but one he was hanging on for a while but dropped back to his group...

He last (and first) food stop was well stocked, as all the others have been :-)
PyZahl eat some goodies at every stop and felt really good riding well fueled.

And the weather, yes, it was just fine, nothing to complain, little wet road in the very beginning, but then it got plenty of warm and turned into a great day -- can it be any better this time of the year?

Days odometer total: 150km.

(CLICK FOR A MAP, note: statistics are messed up by the ferry trip)

(Cleaned up data, Bloomin' ride only)

Here is our the Metric ride in numbers:

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Wildlife at the Laboratory

The spring blooming colors are changing, now white is more dominant.

The Canadian Geese are almost all happily strolling all over the area and the gooselings are growing fast and almost lost there yellow feathers or plush or so...

This seams to be a happy family :-) As others seam not so lucky with there hatching, as for PyZahls nonunderstanding, some eggs were "regulated" by humans :-(

Friday, May 18, 2007

Review on Bloomin' Season

As PyZahl rode to the Laboratory many of the great spring days he cound not resist stopping and taking a few shots at the Duck Pond.

This was last Sunday, the birds Deli stop at Cutchogue

at about half way of the Birds North flight route.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

A wet ride lesson

5:45 AM wake up chime of PyZahls cell, usual morning procedure, breakfast -- not really looking outside at all as the weather was supposed to be fine... and it was fine and looked not too bad at 6:30 -- but the radar looked a bit confusing, some green spots out there east -- no time to explore the storms motion and wind that minute at all. PyZahl looked at the current temperature, about 10C and wind, jumped into the right outfit and stuffed some extra vest into his camelbag, never know.

Here is weather and the radar I grabbed from my computers web browser history:

6:50 AM PyZahl loaded the bike and stuff into his car, just a few drops, so what... driving out east the rain suddenly increased to quite some shower, wondering what will happen and who would show up this day, getting closer to the ride start destination he saw and passed (in the car) one of the known riders (in green) -- it was down pooring that moment.

At the parking lot.

Quite some cars and bikes -- as it was dry more out west -- showed up.

Waiting, small talk.... the rain stopped. All wet.

About half of the present riders looked undecided around, several went back or elsewhere.
A few of us, three in the new bright Krebcycle jerseys -- looking and being really fast -- and four more including PyZahl were fearless and headed North.

Pushing into the wind, water and puddles everywhere, showered by the own and in front wheels. Some hope, surprisingly a short dry section of road, how can that be? Not lasting long and the rain intensified. Little shivering but still warm, but it did not lasted very long and PyZahl was soaked from toe to head -- a puddle in the shoes was not so comfortable at all.

Then on Doctors Path - a flat stop.

But luckily, the local rain storm was over. Still the strong Kreb riders doing a good job, PyZahl just did short pulls and stayed behind to save some energy, never know... Flying over the "tanks", skipping a more wind exposed section, heading full speed towards the Deli in Cutchogue looking forward to an hot coffee and warm-up ;-)

Now having almost tailwind the group really got fast moving... Second flat in Riverhead, some wondering around a big parking lot, inspecting the road work on 51, taking the variant via Mill.

Getting to Mill Road, the sun came back out, the sky turned crystal blue in minutes, the roads got dry in no time with that wind, it looked like it never happened to rain before and PyZahl could enjoy the last few miles back and got comfortable warm again!

Nice back home and reviewing the ride -- here some interesting histogram:
See also the full ride stats (click here).

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Ride ride ride -- Sat 5-5 55mi RP 2 IPBP

Same route every Saturday now for a good number rides since started -- Rocky Point to Iron Pear Beach Park, but never boring. Always the same little rollers, but always different feeling and scenery as the season now finally changed from that grey in gray looking trees to an all over blooming and fresh bright green color and still crystal clear steel blue sky and perfect dry and comfortable air from little chilly in the morning to very nice and warm later the day.

And always a changing composition of great riders, from just a few to the whole gang...

Here once more at IPBP, exact two weeks ago with Moveitfreds

and this was today, two out of five.

Big 60

For the BNL's 60th anniversary a whole mass of BNLers accumulated and formed a living BNL 60 in front of the big water tower close the Lab main entrance. PyZahl had a visitor that day and so we went there find our position some where to make the big B...

More blogging here: Entropy Bound: BNL 60 Photo: "BNL's 60th anniversary "

New GPS Toy

Little late (as one more birthday passed along) but finally, PyZahl bought his little new GPS bike toy which records all kind of data... here an excerpt:

PyZahl really likes the speed distribution graph :-)

This was the EBs south ride almost two weeks ago, as he got a bit lazy with his blogging.