Saturday, May 20, 2017

Tour of the Battenkill 2017 -- the last of it's kind by Anthem Sports

Tour of the Battenkill 2017 -- the last of it's kind by Anthem Sports in a one single Pro/Am race field.

"2017 marks the first year for the new Pro/Am race format.  A mass-start race limited to 350 registrants, riders will be lined up / seeded fast to slow at the start and will be awarded medals based on their finish in their respective categories."

So that sounds like a lot of fun -- let's see how this goes.... but first things first. Pre race day travel and preparations. Friday morning packing up the car for a long weekend trip, stopping by at Kreb Cycle, Py's team hub to find a short sleeved recent team jersey associated now with the base club -- wasn't that strait forward as thought, but lucky one in the right size was on display... finally en route on the LIE. Traffic disaster on all possible ways to the bridges... after about an good hour slow go and finding some ways around part of the mess finally moving once over the darn bridge and through the toll station. Arriving at a friend's house in Elizaville and GAB team mate's house next door.
Moving in and setting up some brought along essentials for a good weekend to come.


Nice to get off all the digital connections for a while with a interesting book.


Py took two bikes along, the new universal modern machine and the red race machine "Pino Prince" with ultra light but BK proven EC90's and tubulars. Stats: 2010-2017 used for BK and no flat so far.


A little afternoon ride with Elliot and a short test spin of the race bike.


Second race essential: A dedicated home made dinner.


Race day. About 1 hour 45 min drive to the race plus some 15 extra mins to the farm where we had to visit some relatives of E., some cows and pick up dinner!


Finally at the race with no time to spare, change, sign in, pinning number, getting ready for staging. Good to meet Tyler again from the past Cycle Chile trip!

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No warmup, counting on a moderate start. Well, rolling out, and moving along at good pace and ease the same time within a big field. No team mates, so just riding with Tyler. Fun fun and smooth effortless but fast rolling for the first 10+ km or so within the large peloton so to say. Moving up and within the first 1/4 of the pack, just to make sure been on top of all happenings. Few rollers so far just keeping the momentum up. First test on the (in)famous Meetinghouse road stretch. Not looking back too much but some decimation took place and a slight separation and stretching out of the field took place a few separations and a little of an gap build up at this time. Chasing full speed ahead to roll in some guys... Most noticeable one rider on a very creaky Cannondale frame and a few other seamed to bunch around Py.... and we pushed our pace to catch up. That creaky thingy drives Py nuts... but eventually we lost that rider. Sorry, but thanks goodness. Passing Cambridge heading towards the covered bridge we merged up with what was left of the most from the "front" field with exception of eventually a few individuals ahead. Passing F1 with no issues, nothing needed here.

BaseTwelve Photo: Tour of the Battenkill 2017 &emdash; TouroftheBattenkill2017-029


All the way over the bridge and towards Juniper Swamp causing a temporary stretch out only until the next turn continuing at a good fast pace for a while. Several short dirt sections passing by. A climb here and there. Another short temporary gap and regroup. However, the initial 300+ riders counting field got decimated big time. Lots of fun riding along side some Pro/Elite rider(s) incl. (#11 Zabriskie), see below...

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Moving along with some good fun tempo at all times, just in time for passing Feedzone 2 having a gel and washing it down with a quickly grabbed water bottle... perfect timing here!

From then on staying with that group leading the race with exception of a few escaped riders turning out to be 2 riders with a finishing time of 3:27 and 4 riders with 3:35 while Pt's group came in with 3:38 isch.

Entering the last dirt section and climb and giving it all. Then full speed ahead to the finish line...
3:38:03 - 3:40:... and Py with 3:38:24 to be precise.

Some what unexpectedly came in 10th in the 40+ age group, and about 29th all over.

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And the Relive Video:

One more fantastic Battenkill, sad to see it go. And again many thanks and kudos to all the people making it happen again! 

Hanging out for some time at the fields watching more riding rolling in and later the Fondo riders returning as well. Packing up and returning to Elizaville.

Post race dinner...


And post race day ride.



Saturday, May 13, 2017

Bear Mountain Classic or cold wet misery...

Bear Mountain Classic -- Py signed once in a while up for this demanding local road race of 4 laps in Harriman  State Park. And promptly - -as so often in the past -- a very rainy day or simply a cold wet misery... no good warmup, loosing the main field on the first climb... however, finished the race.