Friday, June 30, 2017

A little Tour of Switzerland: Section One -- Seewis to Bern

Starting a little Tour de Swiss.
20170630_081551.jpg 20170630_071009.jpg 20170630_084136.jpg 20170630_084439.jpg 20170630_085710.jpg 20170630_090119.jpg
Day one Seewis to Bern to visit one of Py's oldest bike buddies :) Rushing down from Seewis on 900m to Landquart riding along the Rhein and Walensee -- a little morning chill in the still shaded valley but resisting the pull out the jacket again as used for the initial decent. Passing along some magnificent views of the lake Walensee and adjacent majestic 2000m tall near vertical wall with the tiny village Quineten at it's foot on the opposite of the long lake. Passing a cool bike tunnel... and eventually making it to the foot of the first climb over Sattelegg. Descending into Einsiedeln via Sihlsee.

20170630_085714.jpg 20170630_101241.jpg
Continuing via Rotherthurm and Art Goldau and via Küssnacht to the city of Luzern. Lunch break.

20170630_131101.jpg 20170630_130316.jpg 20170630_132722.jpg 20170630_140127.jpg 20170630_142433.jpg 20170630_153753.jpg 20170630_171704.jpg

Then heading on up some at that point tough climb and over Entlebuch -- it was getting hot --  to Langnau to finally reach the destination of the day, Bern to see Beni.

And this is the complete loop of the three days Seewis - Bern - Andermatt - Seewis:

Saturday, June 03, 2017

Py's New Paltz Roubeaux 4 Cols Explorations -- Evolving

Another quick note on Py's NP ride.

Based on previous route

this year's -- 2017 -- first ride from NP got some what late. Cold odd early/spring weather and so on... still way cold some what for June.

However, again no one else than Mark seamed up for the challenge of some eventually new lands and roads. But it was an Epic ride once again. Some sun, a few sprinkles at the Gunks covered in dark clouds, then clearing up fast. And just before approaching the last climb a missing bridge forced them to take a detour and add some bonus miles.