Sunday, December 30, 2012


It's a little looking like Christmas, well that was last week, but so what. With temperatures dropping over night, rain & slush turning into snow, Sunday morning was greeting was nearly 2 inches of snow in Rocky Point. A solid cold North wind but the sun is getting up! That's gonna be an epic day out there. Packing up gear and heading to Kings Park for round #2 of Psychic CX.

A little less snow out there, but still looking nice! Frosty. As Py arrived, later than last time, the coarse setup was still in progress, it seamed there was enough people out there working on it.

Riders warming up -- in one or the other way to do it. Setting up, preparing or just having fun. And some just checking out the coarse for warm up -- what Py opted for. Sign in this time inside the very nice and warm park information center. It's a great place and we all would love to keep it like this!


Over 60 racers and some really fast riders filled up the staging area! Best, greatest and biggest turnout ever for Psycho CX @ Kings Park he thinks, or at least as far as he can remember.

Then, race on! Py always wanted to race with Dan and others and get lapped... won't mind this. Awesome day for CX, sun, little snow, slightly frozen ground, little mud... and a whole lot of fun! Thanks to all for coming out and make this happen :-)

What a great way to finish the 2012 racing season!  

Here a little unusual (IR) view of the race setting at KP:

Race stats/Results  (from

Happy New Year 2013 to all my friends!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Special Christmas Eve Ride Edition of RP2IPBP

On short notice Py put on a special ride. Initially planned to go little longer out to Mattituck/Cutchogue with about 99 miles and including a few photo stops to experiment with his newly converted old D70 to take some deep deep red colored photos.

However, as of common interest shortened to ride to the more or less regular ...-JP version to about 64mile with few extra stops.

Here a few impression seen with the not so normal camera "eyes" along the nice ride they had -- seen in near IR, colors are just to inspire.

This red looking scene is what the camera sees (and beyond what the human eye can see in deep red) -- others are color processes to make them more appealing.

DSC_0173~1.jpgDSC_0184~0.jpg DSC_0239~0.jpg DSC_0223.jpg DSC_0176~0.jpg DSC_0247.jpg

Have every one a very Merry Christmas!
Frohe Weihnachten!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Good moving three-some bagel ride

Sunday morning, getting ready for the bagel ride -- aka "Trevors". Py really needed to get out -- goofing way to long around with fixing/reinstalling his computer system after some mysterious very bad RAID5 going bad "crash" while on "suspend" -- oh well.... Riding out there the "early" B group passed by. Py went to the parking lot this time to see who is all there... so far, just Gerald -- hmm, odd. Well, at least Karl rolling in shortly and the group of three took off about 8:34. Temperature was not too bad in the 2..5C range, little sun -- but sight of few frozen puddles. A decent tail wind led to a good fast move out East -- flying, fun. Keeping power up at full speed all the time they made a good time. Only on stop at the merge onto Sound Ave -- expecting two more GAB riders -- but nothing, weird -- moving on full gas.

Turning around a slightly picking up head wind, still killn it... getting a notch tough, but manageable. Just mostly his little out of alignment shoulder -- left over mis-figuration of his little separated shoulder... tends to bother Py a little more lately, may be because of the cooler weather?

Back at the lot finding the B riders pretty much just pulled in -- obviously some riders joined those...

Going for a bagel with Trevor and Gerald before riding back home.

So what -- citing G. "all it needed was three":

-- the bagel part of the ride --
Distance 82.7km
Avg Grade 0.0%
Elev Difference 55m
Elev Gain 491m
Elapsed Time 02:29:41
Resting Time 00:03:39
Average Speed 33.1km/h
Power 211W Powermeter

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Finally more local CX!!! Fun on. Starting with setup... warmup... and a good race. And finishing the day with "set down" help. Thank to all for coming! Great day! Lucky with the weather.



Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bear Mountain up and down and up again... Yes!!!!

Short term trip to Bear Mountain with GAB Karl. A 2 hour drive got Karl & Py to the foot of Bear Mountain. What a perfect day for a ride -- it's December! About 7C, calm, dry, sunny -- what else can you ask for? -- Yes -- a good Mountain -- here we come!

Having a few repeats in mind for today. A warm up climb to check it out -- perfect ride up! The gate was down but no reason no to keep going -- so a few other riders did. Also a few hikers around, but fairly quite out there and nearly zero traffic at the lower half, and beyond the gate the road was almost all ours :-) A just a slight chill at the upper part on the shady side, some icicles on the rock face next to the road -- cool looking! Great view from top.

Quick decent, not to bad at all -- they were almost overdressed. Quick stop at the car... and up again, well -- about to, as Karl managed to hit the only?? hole out there and needed a new tube.
Then 2nd climb at about full gas... hitting HR 182BPM at top, alright, mission accomplished. And back down... woooosh. And repeat #3... up on top again -- but wait... scouting out one more scenic view little around the corner? ... well 100m down on a bumpy road. Back up and then just down to the gate before back up and down the (last?) time. Little debating, so nice out here -- time for one final run before hitting the HWY. Quick stop at a Deli for a well earned sandwich.

Good day.


Sunday, December 09, 2012

Super Cross Cup -- Sunday

One more day CX at Eisenhower Park next to the Aq center. One more grassy venue. Not as foggy/misty this morning, just soaked grass, no rain. Looked like rain set in later into the day for the Pro races.

Here are a few and the links to all of the photos Py took later:



Saturday, December 08, 2012

WLSCC Saturday

A rainy night, very wet and foggy for December warmish morning, heavily overcast and grey moist day. Early in the morning Py did not really had any excitements to drive out there to play on pretty much soaked grass lands. Almost let it go... but last minute decided to go, thanks for all your motivations my FB friends!
Getting there just in time to sign in and get one "(not really) warm up" lap in.

Start 8:30 + 10m in the Masters 35/45+. Some where at the tail of the all stretched out fairly small field.

The only feature -- the obligatory double barrier, else pretty much folded into itself zig-zag flat >>great plains<< partially winding on a gentle slope side. All on soaked grass beyond a may be 50m paved start/finish section.

Py was not really getting awake, needs sun to wake up, a tiny little waking up mid race... well, at least not lapped!

 Photo Credit: BobH

Photo Credit: ToneB

Good to see you all, no rain, just sitting in a wet cloud. Good Waffles&Dingens.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Bagel Ride!

Just another name for Trevors ride. Riding out to the start on moist roads in thickening fog, not super cold nor windy, just creepy moist&cool air of about 5.5C in the morning.

Then meeting up the A group at the tracks in PJStat. A few mins late the rolled up and Py hooked up -- a group of five riders now -- T,G,M,K,P. Little later one more +C to make a train of six. Some misshapen in the very back for still unclear reason some what it sounded like handle bar hooking up in a turn leading to some nasty scraping sound a few bike length behind Py!?!?!?

Well, both were able to continue riding -- C decided to make his way back home little later while T completed the ride.

Then five again continuing a decent pace, just interrupted by one flat fix stop later on.

Py decided to return to the Bagels place for a bagel with egg&turkey, many thanks to Trevor&wife for the invite :-) Good and recharged for the ride home now! Getting just a little nicer now, partially drying up road and few attempts of sun -- good way to start into the Sunday of the 1st Advent!

Saturday, December 01, 2012

RP2IPBP-JP 2-3-2-1 and more Edge 705 troubles

A little windy day, grey, moist cool feeling but dry road conditions. Just Don waiting at the start, leaving 9:02 -- two riders. Up on NWR one more rider joining -- Bryan. Alright, three good to go. Fighting a steady and creeping into the base layers cold head wind all the way out East. Looking forward to Duffys for a hot coffee!
From there a little less cold feeling and more easy going with a tail wind. Bryan stayed with us until 2nd part of Mill -- down to two. Dan heading home in Manorville -- one.


Stopping a moment in memories of Steven Kane.

Garmin behaving funky with Bat low and finally turning off after not even 3h -- was fully charged! Few attempts to turn back on -- logs a few more sections... Seams really dead :-(
Well about 100km total it should have be or it was.