Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Night Kreb Race #1

Just for the log book... just made it there in time after work, no time left for any proper warm up :-(

Friday Night Race A: 55km (34mi) at 40.5km/h (25.2mph) average -- got in 8th out of about 30, last 4 laps in a three man break away until finish -- but there was one more 7 guy break ahead... :-( A lot of work for short time.

Read Py's race report on

GPS Data including cool down lap

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Housatonic Hills Race - steaming hot, hard climbs and fast decents

One more road race in Connecticut. SUNDAY JUNE 20, 2010 at the SOUTHBURY TRAINING SCHOOL, SOUTHBURY, CT: Housatonic Hills Road Race.

Two GABs Karl and Py and Tori/East End left the Island very earl Sunday morning taking a road trip all the way around to CT as the ferry unfortunately does not go as early Sundays. Here in the Cat 3/4 staging:


Karl and Py rolled out in a field of 100 riders neutral strait up on the first climb out of the box.


Flying downhills in a big field not much spreading at all was a bit scary at up to 50mph, Karl managed to stay more in front and Py kept at least an eye on him... some what drifting a bit more back, seams he needs to be more "aggressive" holing his spot. However, three major climbs and the last one (two laps of 25 mi) was an KOM, that was about where he lost contact to Karl and the front group as the big field finally got separated. (Need to review video footage, about 1 7/8 of 2 laps got full video covered until out of memory)
From then on the riders behind the front got stringed out over about 1 minute.


Hitting the 1st climb the 2nd time he moved more up and a kind of chase or just 2nd group of a much more comfortable size (some ~25 riders, just a guess) organized, a Rapha guy, some Luzzos he remembers, as he stayed mostly in first few with them from now on -- what was fun and good work. One their way Karl happed to join up with this groups for a while. The last big climb just before the KOM was a long great one and he feelt good and was going a bit (possibly too motivated in front) and got to the top of the pre KOM climb side by side with the Rapha guy 239 -- that was fun.


Flying down again, (wasting too much energy in front...) to the 2nd visit of the KOM and last climb, about 1/2 way up to the KOM he got a bit behind this group... and chased on until the finish where he almost got them, few second ahead...

Watch Py's helmet camera video here:

Was fun and great ride -- uups race. Also the organization and setting at this "Southberry Training School" was very nice, also they had plenty of good stuff us after the race! Front ice cold water, Chocolate-milk, Peaches, great big oatmeal cookies (my favorites!), bananas, water melons, yogurt, ...... just great after that hot and very humid day!


And to the CAT Pro/1/2's (and all others) excitement -- one of the Giro de Idalia riders of the Cervelo Test Team was also racing! Well, and guess what, won that....

Saturday, June 19, 2010

RP2IPBP in zone 3

A very nice day, a easy ride to enjoy and prepare for a race coming up. Same old, only today at a unusual steady low to medium effort to stay in zone 3.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

ESG Qualifier TT -- taking efficiency to the max

Today, Sunday Py went to the 2nd ESG TT Qualifier opportunity. He took it easy on Saturday and just took care of his bikes flat tubular of last Sunday's race, cleaned up the house and windows... went picking up his brand new GAB skin suit, did some shopping and prepared nice dinner having the next day's short but very intense efforts in mind all times. Packed up emergency items in his Camelback (spare tire, sealant, pump, food, water, valve extenders, license, multi tool, needle and yarn -- to list the most important items). Clean and lube up of the Stealth TT bikes drive train...

Sunday morning 5:30 -- time to get up, enjoy breakfast and get ready. New this morning: Slipping in this snug fitting lizard like skin, all one piece -- little weird, but fit's really like a 2nd skin! 6:45 -- time to roll off the porch towards Manorville. Just about 3rd time he took this fast rig out on "open roads", means further away from "support".

Slowly picking up speed. Quick stop at Manorville and say hello to a few birds... before heading further to the "Speonk".

Signing in. Chatting... Got help my Kris (Thanks!!) putting on the number with a number of stitches to prevent this from flapping. Few more laps to stay warm... still pretty moist but the slight morning chill was about gone as the time approached the start. Little fun going on with the number placement to make this funny RFID reader working -- we were last minute supposed to change the placement. Well, not striping (this is not a jersey easy to take off) at the start and resew it -- for get about it... Well, not sure if it worked or not, at least they got the time right.

Well, not much to say -- just FullSpeedAhead for 20:38. Waiting for all to finish and them to figure out the numbers.

IMG_9258.JPG Karl going for his last lap.

Preliminary Place 9, may be move to 8 due to issue... -- 24s down on previous time, pretty happy with that. Even not officially qualified yet. Little chance left if riders withdraw commitment. However, gave it all -- over a minute beyond HR 187 bpm towards the finish -- guess pretty much deep red zone??!?!?! Last lap was almost 41km/h average, average over all 177.

Time to roll home, but wait -- let's find out what's left: Little two men TTT w Craig on 51/111 -- flying at over 45km/h or 27mph for 14 more minutes -- that was fun.

Time to recover from three kind of intense TT rides.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Connecticut Stage Race Weekend -- asking for too much good fortune?

Now this was all new for Py -- at least having it all as one event on one weekend. The Connecticut stage race came first to his attention after he did a few of Jim Thompson's Plainville spring series races very early into the season to fulfill the requirements to move up to CAT 4. He definitively liked the long 91 mile road race (stage 3) a lot plus the setting in the heart of the Berkshires avoiding about any place of commerce. It is a hilly or better said rolling route with say a few shorter climbs. It features beautiful vistas and a gentle climb up next to a gorgeous rocky river bed. This most beautiful part of about 15 miles was ridden twice on this well done "knot-like" route layout and was the finish section as well. Now isn't this a great idea?? -- giving riders new to the course naturally a pre-ride of the actual finish section on the first visit! Nice?


Friday evening/night:

As the weekend approached some packing, conveniently taking the PJ-BP Ferry and driving up very relaxed on route 8 to Colebrook. As there were not really many options and staying near by at the promoted YMCA Camp Jewell for just 25 bucks a night in some hopefully not so crowded cabin with team mates and other cyclists sounded about right. And it was about fair and nothing to complain. Could almost think of "Team Cabin #7". Friday night he was planning one going out for dinner, did not really found the right place in time to go in this very remote area and ended up with a non ideal improvised dinner -- getting some milk, cheese and orange juice at the next gas station for his worse case survival pack he took along, "Muesli", Bananas and his home made sour dough rye bread. Back at the cabin one of his team and a few other cyclists were arrived. Basically busy sorting out things and setting up bikes for the next day. And hoping for the best possible weather -- a lot of thunder and rain was on the forecast for the whole weekend.


Saturday: ITT

IMG_9216.JPGIMG_9215.JPG Colebrook.

The ITT (Individual Time Trial) Saturday morning of an classic 8 mile out and back on Colebrook Road with an basically up-down-up one way profile was a tough one. Not yet really Py's specialty at all -- many more things to be figured out and optimized, in particular a decent warm-up, just riding there from the Cabin at Camp Jewell (about 10 minutes easy), and hanging out at the start obviously did not really do the Trick, 2:26 back on stage one.

Stage 1 - ITT:

IMG_9179.JPGIMG_9176.JPGIMG_9187.JPGkarl.jpg Karl from team GAB at the ITT start.
The weather turned out to be fine, just pretty hot and humid -- roads almost dried off by the morning from thunder and rain the night before.

A little recovering after that effort for the following Circuit Race -- Stage 2:

a few views from/at Camp Jewell.

Stage 2 - CR:

... hoping for some pictures from some one else soon ... here are George and Karl retuning from there CAT 3 CR. The race itself was 3.5 mile loop, 8 laps to go for CAT 4. It was packed with action, a KOH (no, not Potassium Hydroxide -- but King Of Hill) and a sprint for points thrown in at several bell laps! It was getting a bit tough about half way, but Py made it back on. From then on from about lap 4 it got a bit more relaxed. On the last lap at the hill up to Colebrook Py jumped ahead playing a bit and was able to hold this just around the turn into town when the big field started sprinting and he finished with the main field, -9s field time.


Finally a good dinner at Winsted with team mates -- very nice, very good :-)

Sunday: 91 mile Road Race

Plenty of time, great breakfast again in Winsted with team. Py did not started before 12:45 (CAT 4).

He had a great time and race, well almost: From the beginning the field was moving at a good, but comfortable and fairly steady pace, not much happening. They started out with little sun, on a partly wet road, but not long -- just about at the end of the ITT turn around point where the road got a bit bumpy -- it started raining a little, wet from then on with varying intensity of rain. It actually was not too bad, even felt good and was some what appreciated! As it still was kind of an humid warm day -- conserving valuable water now. Two riders tried to get off early, some where around mile 6 or so -- but no one really cared. Around mile 25 Py moved to the front for quite a bit, just checking it out, not overdoing anything. At about that time also the two break away guys (we got told they had about 2 minutes on as previously) slowly came back into sight with the leading pace car and they got rolled in. Py was still in front for a little longer until he decided to sit in at some top 10 spot. As they got to route 8 -- "you" remember these "cliffs" on your right and the wider bigger road -- it started heavily poring down, felt like it was even a bit hail in between. You could about drink out of the air... Until this point a good number of riders suffered flats already. The downhills on virtually flooded roads were a bit scary/sketchy as he did not really liked the delay to get the water off the carbon rims until the brakes were gripping little abruptly -- this was kind of new to Py (on Aluminum rims this is not as extreme), but with a little extra caution/room, never was any problem and he got used to it and to handle it. Very positive surprised he was about his still quite new glasses (prescription, AR coating, polarized and automatic darkening...) -- as they made any water just fly off and he had a basically perfect vision all time -- very nice!

All the short climbs did not provided any trouble or need to catch up again, just stayed about at his position in the field in front section or even moved up at times. This one bumpy downhill road was not so bad at all and they flew down with some crazy speed... good was, it stopped raining about there. Little more of an surprise was that huge hole little later for some riders (was this the one they announced at the start?? But who watches the mile counter, remembers all the millages of hazards at all times???) coming up to Py's right -- he was lucky and far away from trouble. But nothing really happened. Not sure if that was related, shortly after was a slight left turn and one rider (in blue) more or less -- this was down hill and fast -- rode strait off the road into some bushes/tall grass and came to save stop -- he made it actually back and caught up to the field! Then this wicked rusty grated bridge was coming up and they all got told to be prepared for a neutralized dismount and walk over. It must have caused a major accident within the previous CAT1-2 (10..20 rider down and need for ambulance they got told -- all Py knows). So they all walked over and decided to take the chance for a group rest stop.... Very good and very appreciated by about every one after all that rain and lot's of drinking. He also safely swapped his 3rd bottle he still had in his back pocket with an empty one. And Py really felt great that time -- still not exhausted at all and was looking for a smooth finish of the ride as all "bad/bumpy/sketchy" sections were done at this point. The field reassembled and stared moving again in normal race mode. They were a few miles before re-entering route 8 (crossing over via route 57 this time) the for the 2nd time for the finish -- but just a few miles after this bridge, his rear tire went slowly soft and flat....., at mile 67 of 92 and forced Py to stop -- and stupidly he was too lazy (or just counting on some luck) to mark my other wheels and put them in the wheel car -- and this now is a big down side of the Campy 11, they would have gotten him a neutral wheel with some 10 speed, but he doubt that this would have done any good with this super narrow chain... That's about it -- finishing in the car behind all. One more heavy shower passed by.

Back at the start/finish the sun was coming out again! Had a look the results: 34 finishes out of 70 starters. Guess Py was one of the DNFs :-(

However, a great new experience over all and regardless the out come he liked it a lot and yes, he will take care of his wheels next time -- even not so positive if this would help more then just finishing in many cases.

And finally, big thanks to the great Jim and organizer and all the so welcoming volunteers and locals! Also thx to George for the TT suit. And all the other racers making the trip up there to race. And the great "Team Cabin #7" -- was fun.

Stage 3 - RR (as far as Py got):
[This would have been the full course... Road Race, 91.2 Miles, 8,450ft of climbing ]

Colebrook Race Head Quarters: