Saturday, February 25, 2012

RP2IPBP-JP -- Solo Epic

No shows until 9:05 for his ride today?!?!?!? So Py went solo for the ride. The decision to put on the Fugu jack to be well wind protected even it was nearly 6C was a good and very comfortable idea today. Taking it easy, still some what sneezing all the time -- needed a few extra stops to really clean out this nose... may be good no one else showed up today.

But still, it was an epic ride, sailing in the wind.... Great day! Took my time and checked out the Duffys Deli in Jamesport -- good coffee & banana muffin. Getting my OK for next time ;-) Coffee is one and a quarter.

The route was almost wind energy rewarding, just a few fully exposed sections on the return!!


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Back on two wheels

A week of some best ever snow boarding following with a week of a ugly cold a first test ride and commute on Friday. Now back on track on two wheels -- still a little a suffering the after math, but feeling OK -- starting right away over with his RP2IPBP-JP ride on one more great day on LI.

A group of 8 formed finally... after some rider realized he's not ready again. But this team worked out perfect for today's 61 mile ride -- great job gentlemen!



Friday, February 10, 2012

Last run on the board for this trip

Friday. Some what sick, but had to return the Snowboard. So opting for the 14:40 bus in the early afternoon -- feeling so-la-la with medications.... Could not resist to do one more run at the local resort Gruesch-Danusa. Cold, foggy.... It's been a while he was up there. Afternoon ticket. Freaking cold gondola. Asking a local piste guard like looking guy if this was the right trail... a run to the middle station, gondola back up and heading for a coffee and warmup. Deciding to call it a day and taking to run down to the village. Returning the snowboard.


Stats so far for "Snowboard" 5 days and a quicky..., 18 hours moving, 300km (incl. uphill on lift/gondola, but excluding all the S-turns downhill as the GPS straitens it out), 35.6km of descending. Just a comparison: the total decent is about 4x all the way down to sea level from Mt. Everest.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Beyond Snowboarding

Wednesday Py went together with his friend and host -- his friends Bday -- to Scuol-Tarasp and from the top there to the 3km sledding run of Prui-Ftan. Having some alternative fun on a steerable sled as here on right. A couple runs... lunch, a few more. Visit of the Ftan and finding some of the famous Nut-cake. Missing the train planned to take home by a minute...

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Two days Arosa

Monday, decision made, heading to Arosa. Arosa lies 1800 metres above sea level, which guarantees snow, in a stunning location at the end of the valley. A lovely RhB train ride very conveniently is taking you and your gear to this area. A winter wonder land this year! A few lay overs before taking the Arosa train from Chur. Time for a 2nd Cappuccino.


IMG_4622.JPGLandquart station, getting the 1-Franken train&ski special, entering the train to Chur before taking to Arosa train winding it's about 1 hour passage up to Arosa via several tunnels and bridges.



In Arosa ready to board the gondola as he got a charged up key card with the train special -- time saver for sure at busy times -- not so busy this time. A great Arosa day...



Day 3 -- Pretty much all of Arosa

Lunch at Alp Carmenna.


Day 4 -- mostly the upper faster runs -- speeding up.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Klosters/Davos: Deep freeze, sun and powder par excellence

Saturday, ready for the 1st day on the slopes -- it's a while since his last time on a snowboard. Taking the bus from Seewies Dorf to the RhB train station Grüsch to continue to Klosters Platz.

Klosters/Davos ski area, easy mountain access via the Gotschnagrat Bahn with direct layover from Klosters train station! Easy little late start for day 1 and expecting the coldest day up here ever for Py with -25C (-13F) air temperature and a good wind on top of this. Well prepared for the conditions: More layers than usual, but he was perfectly fine with his snowboard pants plus full set of long base layers (odlo pants + body), plus cozy insulation long sleeved top, fleece jacket and a totally wind proof soft shell ski jacket with powder skirt. Best idea ever that I took my Assos Robo cap to put underneath my ski helmet to keep the ears protected! This outfit proofed to be perfect for all my days on the slopes these cold days, occasional he took off the fleece jacket in Arosa later, "the warmer days".

After this convenient short train ride to Klosters and up to the Gotschnagrat he did a few warmup runs on this nice #45b trail and the Schwarzseealp chair up again -- not missing a few great off piste powder runs between 45a/b. This should have become his favorite start of every day up here on top of Klosters/Davos where he went a total of three days as tracked in detail below. (picture with -13C was on Thursday, at Gotschnagrat).


After having played enough here he usually took the pretty nice traverse all the long way over to Schifer. Then depending on moods and time of time taking the Schiferbahn+Gipfelbahn all the way up to Weissfluhjoch and then his most favorite long run #1,17,21,22 "Kreuzweg" back to Schifer what is a 7km (strait line) run from 2870m to 1500m. Lunch always at his most favorite place Berghaus Schifer. Ordering "Schifer Roesti"... Following a few more "#1..." runs and a final "Talabfahrt #21" directly back into train station Klosters -- 14km from top, 2870m down to 1100m. Once in a while adding a few alternative moderate runs and modifications, many options...


 But awesome conditions and nearly empty -- never seen it so empty with that great conditions!! Seeing one guy with a Motorcycle helmet... "need to improvise". Tearing eyes under glasses and goggles with that wind -- instant freezing of any condensations... -- little odd to get used to, but bearable. And always good to know, it's always short lasting and highly depends on speed what can be adjusted!


Satuday -- Day 1

Sunday -- Day 2
pretty much the same, but adding a few more runs.

Last day on the big slopes Klosters/Davos -- Day 5
Finishing up easy, returning early. Not feeling as great, taking it easy, having a great lunch....