Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas to all my readers!

A quick update and seasons greetings. Blog entries here are lately a little limited to more special bigger events -- too many alternative postings. You can always check out my posts/rides on STRAVA (just request to follow) -- go figure modern social everything WWW! You still know what WWW stands for?

So with record high temperatures on the Eastern Northers Seaboard but also including Europe this Christmas a is cyclists blessing in a special way. If that's good for "us" on long term is very very debatable so. Py's says: "That perfectly falls into the category global extreme weather scenarios" caused by more global on average seemingly small man made changes we can not revert just make more or less faster worse from now on. Just wait for the opposite when the arctic "vortex" [what a word, sounds like sci-fi and time travel to me] hits back and almost every one complains while taking the warms even the lack of snow some may dislike. El Nino is a fact and an old well known and reoccurring temporary shift of air flow pushing the cold back up North. However, this one so is and seam to break records on all scales from it's effect. How long will it last -- I do not know.

Now there we are in December, Christmas 24th/25th -- but also the recent weeks and days to come look unchanged warm with some rain.

This today -- nothing I need to add:

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Merry Christmas!

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and even a notch warmer, but wet from heavy rain 23/24 --20C -- supposed to be more 20F:

20151224_125947.jpg20151224_130015.jpgClick to view full size image

And now judge your self -- some thing is wrong here -- or not?

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Montauk Express with LiCranx -- The Magnificent 7 Ride to Montauk and back.

A last minute little crazy idea for the season to go all the way out towards and on the South Fork - -well almost, we could see the end pretty much at the dedicated point of return, but a warm day thx to El Nino a fast route and a few strong riders pushing it ta warp speed for a near 2pm return.


Saturday, December 05, 2015

Cold Spring Ride -- a Century within the Noise of Hills

On a special occasion, a ride with a Henry and locals starting in Cold Spring, NY.

Turned into a near century, what a great December day out riding! A few impressions.


Many Thanks for the ride!