Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bagel ride with Karl and Own

A little late, a little cold and a little windy. Meeting Karl&Owen 11:30 for a ride. Still freezing out there. Py took a long time to get some what comfortable or steady state and moving, almost burned all energy at the same time... It seamed this conditions needed a whole lot more "bagels" than under more normal conditions. Need to generate more heat to stay warm, need more power to push same speed in these cold dry conditions. Good to get home and take a nice hot "solar" powered shower -- as the sun was out all day!



Saturday, January 26, 2013

GR snowy fun trail ride

Last minute hook up with a small group at GR, well, almost missed them but caught up on the trail in no time. Fun trail surfin... on a light power cover, few times first tracks :-)

Sun is out, good day!
Hey Bambi... what's up?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bagel Ride -- flying with the wind and Kaaarl!

Leaving the house at 805 riding into the Bagel Ride route in reverse as usual, little tired and full feeling from last night's SBRA awards/holiday party, little too much but good food and two glasses of that red wine :-)
But amazing warm temperature, just a good (head) wind going West -- slowly first warming up. After about 15 minutes picking up speed a notch... shortly later at 8:25 the "B" group passes up the road, spotted a few GABs in there, little stretched up with riders little off the back. Getting towards 8:30 when the A groups is supposed to take off, still about 7 minutes from the "start", plenty of time to make quick "rest" stop at a cross road -- turning back on route a small group of 4..5 riders passes along -- what's that?, weird.
Heading on expecting the see the A group soon, then GAB George coming up the road having a breakfast banana..., turning around and rolling along for just a few moments until the A groups catches up at warp speed. Merging on. Flying in possible record time towards Rocky Point. Flyby the women's groups obviously stopped for some problem/flat? Then just entering Rocky Point catching up to a seemingly slow-mo B group -- what, already!?!?!? Some mix-up of riders eventually in the back. Heading on to Wading River, up the lil hill and a part regroup on top before take off for non stop no-mercy full speed ahead out East, shooting through this "boy scout" micro notch and after slight adjustments of rider orders and composition it some what sorted out and opened a significant deadly gap for the riders left behind. It was a 7 riders (right?) -- Py realized this fact way later after falling back after a brief pull, forming a efficient Echelon going South on Osbourne at still full throttle -- Karl, Chris (East End), 2 CarlHart riders, George, Trevor (EECT/??), Py (do I miss some one??). Not really knowing there were a few behind in a doomed battle to catch up...
At Peconic Lake two more riders, Rick and his buddy came upon the road and joined for a while but left soon again. Then Chris took off going home.
Later the 2 CH riders left...
And Trevor and the 3 GABs finished by about 1100 at the bagel place for a bagel&coffee.

Good ride!

Py then rode back home.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

A lone GAB on a base ride mission on little RP2IPBP-xtended-JP route. Just him and the wind. A pretty nice, fairly warm and sunny day.



Saturday, January 12, 2013

Karl's Ninja Bear Mtn Assault Series

Little escape from rainy foggy wet to wet and foggy but at least clean roads and little to non traffic and a nice climb. A astounding number of cyclists and teams around there, possible all hoped for a little more sun... well, at least it wasn't so cold and no wind.

So again going for a series of five x all the way up and down.


Sunday, January 06, 2013

Welcome change and fun at GR

With a little snow on the roads in the early morning it seams not so smart to ride out to the bagel ride and eventually ride with very few on at least salty wet dirty roads with eventual hard to spot icy spots.

So way not testing out those just in time by Tom from RPC renewed Stan's NoTubes ZTR 26" wheels on his known as "D2R2" bike  Stonebite Cobald >Cross< MTB? Joining some of the Early Bird riders and a few more for some trail fun at GlacierRidge.



Saturday, January 05, 2013

Plan B: Team ride

No show for Py's RP2IPBP-JP ride at 9am today -- waiting a few more minutes. Well guys, good -- then Py could make it to the little later starting last minute announced team ride.

Plenty of time, stopping by at RPC to check on this shifting issue, suspected splicing cable in shifter -- that it is, good for one more ride... coming back later for new cable.

Heading on the scenic way to GAB Mike to meet with Karl and also George soon for team ride. Little over dressed today, well better than too cold as last time.