Sunday, November 01, 2015

The 10th TOSREC

It is going to be the 10th annual Tour Of Scenic Rural Eastern Connecticut this year!

Counting this one -- as it's kind of ride -- roots back in 2006:

Planning was a little doomed and late this year due to Py been sick and Johnny not doing his job this year. Then the Wednesday date rained out. Plus hard to find any riders this year just about in teh same boat as all those bigger races with little participation??? Even this is by far not a race, but a challenging little bigger century road ride with good friends in CT scenic terrain.

The 1st day with EST, Py taking the 7am ferry with Hans, meeting Henry at the ferry dock in New London -- and the three riders Hans, Henry and Py went out for the ride.

Find those below and more photos here:

At the Orient Point ferry dock getting ready to board. A very quite and fairly empty boat, we were even allowed on before all cars! Smooth ride and quick unusual ahead of time arrival in New London. Waiting for Henry.


A few drops of rain while landing, wet roads, but radar looking reasonable good, clearing up! And here we go moving along as smooth and efficient as possible, making good progress on the 1st section toward the DD stop. Still some beautiful colored trees.


Heading on to the most northern very rural and beautiful part of the ride.


And a long way back.... with a slightly slowing pace and wait-ups for the not yet so road experienced MTB'ler. Finally chasing the sun set to NL.

Epic day out -- thanks for joining one more TOSREC!