Sunday, December 17, 2006

Easy going today

Once more - Sunday is Trevors ride day. Good there were so many riders and speeds to choose from today, so PyZahl did the hills real quick and took it easy from that on for some recovery of last days long ride.

All that done... a well prepared Cappuccino and some Goodies from Tilda's always is a good idea :-)

And some chillin on the Couch in the afternoon sun later.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Last Century of the year

What a great December day! PyZahl managed to get a very late in the year Century ride done, 169km/6h ride time and not a minute left before the last ray of scattered sun light was dimmed away.

This photograph was taken in the Orient Point State Park.

Here is the GPS log, almost complete, a few minutes/miles are missing due to an empty battery...

Rocky Point to Orient Point
Map Preview

Check this out! You can view this activity online at MotionBased. The Map Player is especially cool because a 'Dot' simulates the movement on a map (You just need to download the Adobe SVG Viewer).
View Activity

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Mountains of the Big City >>Top of the Rock<<

A great clear but chilly day it was. PyZahl skipped riding and went to the big city with an good friend to get high above the city on "Top of the Rock". What a view, almost as good as a real mountain, but all man made.

And as the sun started setting colors were intensifying very nicely.

And back down in the valley inbetween tall man made Rocks...

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

where is Nikolaus -- nite ride

6th of December. PyZahl though it is a good day for a MTB night ride in the woods south of Shoreham -- and it was. He managed to get home just in time to jump on the bike and ride to the Shoreham meetingpoint, just some 15min.

Here about half the way, some bike needed a little tuneup...

About 1h20 later, we were all back at the parking lot, a great ride. PyZahl just had to roll home from now. But wait, where is the Nikolaus? In his neigbourhood he scanned some like this looking homes, but nothing, guess was too late.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

no food is no good

Sunday is Trevors ride day. This day was not PyZahl day -- short on sleep hours, got late, running short on food the day and night before.
However, PyZahl did hard to get up by 6am, knowing things were not optimal he had some good big bowl of Muesli and a Cappuccino. So far so good.
The ride starts at 8:30 in SB and PyZahl decided once more to ride there -- an 33min ride on the little hilly North Counrty... route from his home. He jumped into his bike suit and on his bike just in time to have a few extra minutes.
It was about 7:45 and chilly, about 1°C that time, but the sun was up and rising, birds were singing, it was so nice and quite this morning, almost no traffic that Sunday moring out there.

But the wind chill was there, going fast feld like buring on PyZahl's arms and face, but not too bad.

At the meeting point the number of riders was already impressive and more were coming, PyZahl did not counted them all, but there were more than 25 for sure.

A little delay due to some flat (or such an issue) fixing on the parkinglot... (this could have been PyZahls luck if it had happened later....) but it was not.

So the peleton formed and a long paceline was moving back the same route PyZahl came along this morning already, but at warp speed. Passing Rocky Point and heading out to WWSP all fine. On Sound Ave some really stupid car manovers were going on, worst ever seen -- one car pasing us at decent speed, but hell, what's that -- there is one more car coming from behind with crasy speed overtaking that first car while still left of all of us, it was running over the grass all the right and was gone -- PyZahl never saw such scary thing before.

The speed of the paceline was varing a lot, not to the slow side, not, some sprint like pulling inbetween, PyZahl hates that a lot. All this ended up in an little messed up pace line, not so nice. At about that point a few got dropped already and/or some mechanical problem occrred -- but seamd like the tail of the group did not cared at all and, well, PyZahl tried his best to hang on for some more 20 miles... He got slowly hungry and did harder to hang on -- not food stop so far and about at (his) mile 50 (from home) a sudden out-of-energy made it impossible to keep up:-(

He run on emergency power, followed the group just in sight for a while until they turned into Bartlett... he finished the final hills by his onwn slower pace and took a more direct route back home via Miller Place Rd.

Happy but very hungry back home.

Lesson learned: need a banana mounted on the handlebar.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Querfeldein Biking at Cathedral Pines

Just for the log:

Saturday was Cyclocross Race training at CP, pyzahl tried hard to keep up on his hummveelike Fully MTB... One or was it two? warmup and scouting laps plus five race laps, each about 13min.

Then a full all of CP lap with all the fun diamonds, about one good more hours and a little cool down goofing around the field to make the 2 1/2 hours full :-)

One more great day at CP.

Friday, December 01, 2006

no bike :-( friends :-) and (too) many people & talks

Last six days PyZahl left his bikes behind at home and visited friends in MA on the weekend and spent the week almost all time indoors listening to too many not so really very exiting talks about matter and so. Summary: way too less excercise, even PyZahl managed to get an good hour of running along the river Charles in, and too much bad food. But always good to see friends, old coleagues and get an update on what's new at the forefront.

The weekend he left the island was picture perfect warm riding weather but he spend the day traveling by buring gas.

River Charles at sun set.