Tuesday, April 24, 2007


The normal daily ride to and from work routine via North Country and Wading River now passes this lovely pond
and sums up to 42km total for the extended little rolling route (361 hm) w/o extra loops.
Keeping this up for at least three to four work days plus the We night hill ride and adding the weekend RP2IPBP+EBs seams to work pretty well and accumulates up to 400km/week, make PyZahl feeling pretty good and confident.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We night hill ride

PyZahl manged to go for one more of the Wednesday night hill rides to pull over the LI north shore hills -- one big sand pile following the next one paved with more or less bumpy asphalt...

And these rocks are the ice age glacier translation left overs who gave Rocky Point it's name

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter! Frohe Ostern!

This year brought a nice but also very cold Easter Day. The traditional Early Birds ride started out very cold -- slightly freezing -- at 8am and the group had to fight a cold and strong NW wind. The pretty strong team of five worked hard and PyZahl had a good time today out there.

Bad luck forced two extra stops... and the Deli in Cutchogue was closed so an alternative 7-11 was picked... a wind protected sunny spot felt good for a rest and snack. The return ride into the wind needed the extra energy. Due to road work an alternative route via Mill Rd was chosen. The ride was 89km @ 2h50. Winds up to 28km/h plus gusts.

PyZahl then rushed home to meet friends for a well deserved Easter Brunch.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

About Missed Rides

PyZahl had to celebrate his birthday last Tuesday, he got some goodies from Tildas and friends
added even more -- so we had a big cake Fest. Big Thanks!!!! So he had to go by car that day to move all that cake to the office. This day was a nice one, and the only nice one this week it seamed like. The next day was rained out and he skipped the We hill ride. So all the accumulated kJ's had to wait until today to get burned, even today is really cold and windy, but PyZahl did the hilly ride in the evening sun, what was great, besides the strong cold west wind.

It felt like the arctic season is back once more :-(

And BTW, PyZahl got a bit lazy in blogging -- so if not mentioned otherwise, riding hilly to work if weather permits every day + We nite hill ride + Sat RP2IPBP ride + Sunday EBs ride is on the plan.