Saturday, December 31, 2011

RP2IPBP -- last ride of 2011 -- quiet+wet+warm-short

End of 2011, last ride of 2011.

Just one showing for Py's ride. And also just for a few miles. Not to bad at all, sun almost was looking a bit, fairly warm -- well, really warm for December 31st! Just a little wet road surface -- what's the deal -- little less pressure in the tires and all set. Also pretty clean today. Nice ride. Cutting off a bit as he only had one spare tube on board and no phone at all. But all went fine, even a few interesting views!

Well, the only rider showing had fix a tire before we started...


Ride On.


Monday, December 26, 2011

Kevin's HHH ride

One more holiday!! Still no snow on LI, great weather and way too warm for the season -- Py takes it.
Nothing in particular special beyond the nice "warm" day -- no ice, no snow, no frost, just a little wind, almost clear sky -- 7° C at time of return:


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

A quiet day home, no ride.

Setting up my bird feeders and watching them and my squirrel "Smarty" relentless attempting to get there. Skyping with mom&dad. Cooking. And some 2012 GAB kit design...

Random 2011-12-25 photos:


Duck for dinner today!


Santa's arrival -- the long awaited package made it in time -- a new machine:


Some hacking and still learning Blender -- fun project:

Blender session...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

RP2IPBP-JP -- Heiligabend Ride

December 24th, Heiligabend. Where did this year 2011 went?, almost done. So far we've been very lucky on Long Island this December with pretty much great weather, just a very few wet mid week days, a few crisp and cold weekends -- but always clear sky, dry and sunny -- even a good number of very mild days for the season -- no snow yet at all.

Today was  a good day for one more of Py's Saturday rides. Glad to see Dan happy on his new PX -- enjoy!


Riders today: Dan - Dan - Doug - Tom - Jenn - John - Py

Thanks for coming this little special day, good riding Gentlemen and -women!


Sorry you could not follow my post ride offer, you missed some mom made Christ-Stollen (now I need to eat it all myself??????)... and any style authentic Italian of coffee of your choice.



Sunday, December 18, 2011

Trevors -- a nice cold & sunny day

Back to Trevors -- done with all the CX fun. A frosty morning and with windchill in the teens... Getting by 8:15 to the start -- only the B group was there, so Py hooked up with them -- better be sure not to ride alone today. That was the right decision... On the way out all sudden his 705 flew off the bike -- uoops!?!? Picking it up and finding the mount snapped. Well, it worked also in his pocked -- just no display. Good ride. Later just two riders of the A group hooked up as they cut off to meet us... good Py went with the others.


Good miles for a cold day.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kings Park »Psychic« CX №3

It's Sunday again and time for KPCX №3 -- the last of the Kreb Cycle Kings Park CX series!

Sunday morning, plenty of time for the race start at 10:30am. At 8am still frosty cold, but dry and clear blue sky -- nice. Loading up, driving out there, checking out the course. Very nice, a few more added technical sections, not so many grassy sections -- but one either way slow labyrinth like slow down before the finish stretch. Like. Again RFID timing, and only frame number -- also like a lot -- no ### pinning :-)
The race went off, Py some where second to third row in the start pack. Little sorting out positions passing a few, then sitting some place in no riders land at lap 2&3, eventually doing a little to little... usual "slow down" at lap 2&3, some where GAB Chris had some minor mechanical issue and was catching up again, sitting in for a lap and made up a few spots again -- nice done Chris. Not exactly sure why that slow down is. However. Then waking up and picking up a few spots. Last lap getting a little on fire again... Saw Brian (race leader) approaching from behind where the course folded back at the down hill onto the pavement. Not yet lapped...  Py made it ahead of him through the "labyrinth" but letting him pass at the turn out of it as he got behind Py. About 40 minutes (race "cut off") time while passing the two trees to the finish sprint section, Brian just a few bike length ahead -- well, could have made it look like sprinting for "false" 2nd. Alright, game over now. 16th on preliminary results list.

And big thanks and many Kudos to Carol&Paul for the great post race Holiday celebration with soem Hot Chocolate, Coffee and superb cake :-)


So now Py is just getting a little adjusted for this fun and this is the last CX in LI for the season??? Can we have more?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

RP2IPBP - short

Just a "quicky" today, only 2 riders and Py. Moist morning, creepy cold feeling air, part wet roads. Need to wash bike.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Kings Park »Psychic« CX №2

It's Sunday again and time for KPCX №2! Not much to say. Got there early, put up some tape, got ready to race. Had some fun, did some good work, or better to say pretty much max effort and playing around changing positions ±2 after settling around some position in a fun group -- finished with a lap down on the CAT2s... what is OK and got "1st" within that minor battling group -- pure fun day :-)

Here are some great photo's assembled in a fast sequence movie -- taken by Sarah with my camera -- thanks again for shooting, well done! Enjoy.


Finish run for me from here:


Saturday, December 03, 2011

RP2IPBP-JP -- five gentlemen ride

Five riders 61 miles. A slight chill in the late morning air around 9am, the sun feeling good. From Tildas a group of five left a minute or so past 9am. Warm-up until reaching Wildwood, then a good efficient team work again. Great job again, gentlemen! Nice warming break at the Beach in the sun hiding from the wind before heading for James Port and the return. Curious if we still have the Battenkill road feature -- unfortunately -- not any more:


Steady return easing up a little and helping one new rider to survive it all the way back -- good job everyone on this also! You did just fine -- come along a few more times and you are all set.

Nice day!