Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A week off the bike, AVS meeting in Tampa FL, >>Sandy<< at home

Happened top escape just in time from Sandy to the warm town Tampa, FL for a work related meeting "AVS". A full week off the bike. Just one little activity, participating in the

and claiming first place with 18:41.

Returning Friday evening to a dark cold home on LI... thanks Sandy. But compared to so many others pretty lucky, no damages and getting power back next day already.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


One more good ride, thank for joining and keeping up the good move today, gentlemen!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Early Birds

Pretty colorful out these days ---- a good ride with mostly a "little GAB team" + Gerald +  Robin -- last minute leaving from home with early dawn and little detour home via the Camp for a one hour job to get done.... no photos today, to inconvenient with his little stitched together thumb :-(

Saturday, October 20, 2012

RP2IPBP-JP little newly adjusted edition is ramping up...

A well sized group if eight riders started out on a damp foggy morning, the sun just about to break up the low fog and clouds. Skipping the Wading River back roads for safety reasons -- too many turns on wet leave covered roads. Moving up nicely on NWR and slowing on the downhill for restructuring on the fly. Nice cruise out to IPBP, sun is greeting us now! One flat stop/fix on the way out East. Coffee at Duffy's. Good work all the way home and one more flat to patch. Again crossing Grumman Airfield and taking the beautiful little path... Nice work again gentlemen!


Sunday, October 14, 2012

TOSREC#7 2012

The 7th annual Tour OScenic Rural Eastern Connecticut: Starting with the first ferry from Orient Point leaving at 7am to take a few riders with their bicycles over to New London.

[do I get to finish this up? One more attempt.]

Shortly after rolling off the ferry and on the other side of the bridge rider Andrew from Mystic Velo joined us for a while going up North until he joined his club buddies happening just to pass as we turned onto 138 in Voluntown.
Don experienced some shifting troubles on his new build up bike we could only pin point to a some how badly working cable but he was able to handle it some how with little wiggling on it.
From there we went up North further on scenic Rte 49 and about at this point the dark clouds we were spotting since we started must have dropped a little rain shortly before we got there and from there on roads were and stayed wet for most of the ride and the nice rural part way up North we were hitting shortly after the DD coffee stop -- very thin hot watery coffee...

Just rolling along on great back roads, often with old natural stone walls on sides, colorful leaves all over -- even wet, very pretty!



Here about at the most North point of the ride. Heading back South...

And returning with the 4p boat to Orient.



Saturday, October 13, 2012


One RP2IPBP-JP -- to get ready for winter routine. Good smooth efficient work gentlemen!


Sunday, October 07, 2012

Triple Crown

Unusual ventures, good to break of of regular at times, just for the fun of it.

Getting on the way to CP early just as dawn with lights on the old Stonie CX bike. Meeting a bunch of MTBikers. Looking like fun. Starting out with a unusual road ride to GR with a bunch of MTBs around...


Meeting with even more riders at GR. About 70! Then hitting the wicked GR trail... after some endless feeling and zig zagging over and over old passes and sliding and bouncing around in there it's finally done... reassembly and road ride over to RP.

Meeting up again...


And on the trails... no pic, sorry. After about 70km on road and trails with this CX biek setup and fairly hard tires Py got a little uncomfy and decided to finish up going home -- good thing, missing out the following light rain. But missing the last part CP and the post event party :-(

Well, great alternative activity :-) Great fun people and event, thx!!!!

Saturday, October 06, 2012

RP2IPBP-JP with little change on return

A good day for Py's ride! One more nice warm day out East on LI :-) Fun ride, good job gentlemen!