Sunday, April 26, 2015

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Team Fundraising Ride BB-60 for CCAP

Four GAB's took the first ferry to CT to go for a ride with CCAP.

Watch it here:

We had a great time! And an excellent post ride picknick :)
Good luck to CCAP riders and thanks for the ride!


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Tour of the Battenkill

This now is Py's 6th time starting and finishing the Tour of the Battenkill. Some what getting decent experience about this game. A new start, few new roads, but same game plan, simply been up top 10 at all critical times and do a respective share of help up front if reasonable or necessary to maintain the final break.

Travel Saratoga Springs in Friday, sign in and number pickup. And a good race begins with a good preparation and dinner -- that Py found with his companion Pat at a nice restaurant in town near sign in. A night stay in the area with a good breakfast included -- even more important! With plenty of time for a nice easy warmup at the start now.

So that in mind and executing as possible without Battenkill'n himself, Py pretty much managed to keep up on target. Nice and comfortable moving well passing Meetinghouse road just fine -- not really getting what the magic with that one is, fun one and never had any serious issue up out there. Just read the dirt, be relaxed and keep flying! Maintaining good speed. Surprisingly flying through the cool covered bridge on second position -- even a little disappointed, video did not looked that cool with just one rider up... keeping moving far up front with a few guys, fun times, good times. A manageable gap opened on Juniper Swamp what was rolled back in shortly with a small chaise group. Finally passing feedzone two just before the key point one climb where a gap must have opened to the "main" field behind. At all times high up top 10-isch then maintaining this gap with about a group of 20..25 riders (estimated) -- just a few as usual willing to do some work. But enough to get it home. With 10 km to go quite a head wind was blowing. 5km to go... up front with about 5 riders working. Py only was a little unsure about the last few km, only knew there was a final climb, may be dirt. And so it came at about 2.5km to go a dirt ramp just to our left... several other stragglers were all over the pace and it was really hard to judge how many of our own field came up from behind eventually, it looks a little disappointing with all the work done all sudden more riders here and there. Py's mind got a little confused.... may lost a few seconds not putting in all effort he could at this time. But some what realizing this can not be right and kept moving harder again. This what stretched out the break and Py was very happy and surprised to see he actually made it to 15th place :)

At all racers in the 4B field -- thanks for the awesome ride or race, good job every one, fair game and fun times!!!

So now please read this also:

Tour of the Battenkill CAT4 B 40+ -- full race coverage video edit start to finish (in 1h20 review time with full real time coverage of all key sections). At any one who likes to review my ride and see how it's done. And if you like it, please consider and help me and our team's efforts to raise some more money for the CCAP Breakaway Benefit -- a youth cycling development. Please follow this link to make a donation -- I will provide you then with a high quality HD video link (~9GB in flv format):

Preview embedded here -- please open in YouTube and set to full HD 1080p and full screen and enjoy!

And the latest update with data/map overlay!

And my STRAVA link:

... and last -- big THANKS to all volunteers and the Tour of the Battenkill organizers for again a outstanding job!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Early Birds are rolling again -- North

EBs North!

Finally some birds ride again, hope we get even more soon for the fast group! A fairly big group left for the Charlie birds 7:45. A few more riders showing up so we finally got a small but decent chaise group. 5 more minutes delay until one last minute rider got ready. A chilly morning start, but nicely warming up.

Enjoy a quick review:

Early Birds North in 5 minutes from Percy Zahl on Vimeo.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

RP2IPBP -- finally getting nice

Did a few of those already but today it's finally getting nice out.