Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Monday - Day One - Weissfluh/Klosters

Py arrived by noon on Sunday in Seewies Dorf. It was overcast, some new snow.

Monday was about perfect, new snow, clear sky, no wind but cold or just right for a long day on the slopes. Turned out to a little late start, about 10:30 taking the big Gotschna Bahn to the top.... more later .... finishing the day at 17:30 with only a brief lunch break. 70km on the slopes (incl. lift rides starting from the top).


Also T-bars are still in use and no issue for Py any longer...


Start of his favorite run No 1/Kreuzweg...



The long way up from Schiefer


A longer flat section to be passed before the ride down into the valley...


Train Station Klosters:


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