Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We nite MTB ride -- best cure for my knee

Py did it and it was good. Feeling good starting into the dark woods but with a nice bright reflecting light dusting of snow -- very nice and great rock solid frozen trail, no ice -- just a little crunchy sound of frozen leaves with little snow! 24F but 12F with windchill -- but not so bad in the woods.

About 1/2 way out his knee felt not so great but not really bad either and it stayed kind of stable. Little concerns and thoughts about cutting short for a few moments, but then magically while just moving along fine it seam even to felt better and he felt strong either way. So what, it's not getting worse -- then let's go...

And to then end testing it out at almost fulls speed ahead -- all fine, feeling good, not issue at all. Great! Biking still works, best PT ever! Glad he did it.

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  1. Well, he needs to add a comment -- he had a little rough time the next day with it -- but hey, felt a little different so... seams it needs more time.