Friday, January 20, 2012

More Dirty Disco commutes

Friday, the 1st dusting of snow on LI -- that's why Py is writing about it at all -- usually no blogging on commutes, etc.. So the first snow and with this the first load of salty junk on the roads. But Py's Dirty Disco CX machine is now well equipped for this misery -- 700x30C Michelin Jet and installed fenders to keep Dirt Disco a little cleaner and feet dry! Works! This machine is running smooth and like on rails :-) A notch slower, a notch more work and some extra fun and options to got on dirt roads or cut over this grassy field here and there -- hey not to bad at all!

A nice view of the frozen lake Panamoka

and here on "Gull Dip" at still undeveloped area, unpaved and nice clean and dusting of snow.


  1. What fenders do you have on your Dirty Disco and how did you mount them? I've been looking for a solution since I picked up my On-One back in November.

  2. Got em from Rocky Point Cycle. Needed only minor improvisations with zip ties as not rear break bolt on this frame.