Sunday, March 25, 2012

EBs S -- finishing wet and chilly

Pretty much unexpected got one more good ride in today. Turned off alarm clock/radio, but woke up 6:30tisch figured it's not raining and road look pretty much dry outside. Figured that -- get read and roll. Little last minute -- had a mere 40 minute to the start from home. Should work. Rain jacked stuffed in pocked -- but not long, the wet chill in the air was not sufficient shielded with that long sleeved jersey and a little newspaper he put in just in case... under estimated feel of 8C. Well, stopped a mile out of home and put that jacket on -- good to go. Time running plus headwind -- great. Not really warm he had to make up some time and ramped up power near threshold at times... 7:59 arriving at the parking lot Manorville -- start 800. Few riders -- about the to be expected ones... no other GAB beyond Py showed :-( -- what are your excuses?? But a total of magic eight riders.
Dune Rd, Red Creek
Rolling out easy. Some scared figures about the infamous draw bridge at moist conditions... but all made it. Dune road -- greeted by a stead head wind seemingly increasing towards the East End -- few turns/rotations. Some what watching slowing for a while and Py took over the last pull into the wind. (See right -- color coding is power zone from GoldenCheetha)

Then a little more fun flying over the few rollers on Red Creek Rd -- all the way.

Arriving at the Seven-Eleven a few drops of rain... increasing on our way back. And getting pretty wet finally on the way home :-( Needing a bike clean up and de-sanding -- at these days I hate this sand pile of Island.