Sunday, October 07, 2012

Triple Crown

Unusual ventures, good to break of of regular at times, just for the fun of it.

Getting on the way to CP early just as dawn with lights on the old Stonie CX bike. Meeting a bunch of MTBikers. Looking like fun. Starting out with a unusual road ride to GR with a bunch of MTBs around...


Meeting with even more riders at GR. About 70! Then hitting the wicked GR trail... after some endless feeling and zig zagging over and over old passes and sliding and bouncing around in there it's finally done... reassembly and road ride over to RP.

Meeting up again...


And on the trails... no pic, sorry. After about 70km on road and trails with this CX biek setup and fairly hard tires Py got a little uncomfy and decided to finish up going home -- good thing, missing out the following light rain. But missing the last part CP and the post event party :-(

Well, great alternative activity :-) Great fun people and event, thx!!!!

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