Sunday, November 18, 2012

1st Cyclo Cross!!!!

Finally, 1st CX race of the season. Every thing CXisch in NY/LI/SI parks so far canceled -- thanks to Sandy. Thanks to Kyra for hooking me up and Robin for driving and sharing the ferry over to CT to the nice setting at Hop Brook Lake park.

Getting ready, warmup lap, little fun lesson watching near pro Dan just in front my him at warmup lap :-) A great course with all the CX features. Grassy start with few twisty turns, barriers, little off camber, gravel, a steep shorty on dirt single track a cool beach section at the beautiful lake, more grass/dirt, short paved strait before hitting one more easy climb with barriers on top... fly down and a few grassy zigzags to the lap finish.

Alright, lining up... start. And not even a full lap his rear tire went flat -- damn. No spare wheel or bike. DNF so far. Well great idea to sign up for the last race in the 4/5, thanks Robin for giving me the chance to eventually race, figuring to sign up -- great, thanks again got a new number for free -- big smile :-) Thanks to Paul for helping me out with a spare tube. That made my day. Just a lot of tiem in between now to take pictures.....


[more photos uploading currently]

Then finally racing after one more warm up lap, few fun laps and coming in 15th about mid field.

Thanks to everyone making this a great day out there! And to Paul for helping me out with a tube... so I could finally complete a race later. And Robin to stay all day and even joining the last race!

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