Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hunter Spring Classics -- a wet group ride or was it a race?

Saturday morning 6am leaving for a road trip to Hunter, NY. Few showers on the way, not too bad. But looking pretty dark up in the Catskill Mountains...


Signing in, preparing, a little drizzle...
As the start time got closed the rain intensified a little.

Staging in the rain was never Py's favorite scenario, but so what, at least not to cold or windy.

The race took off, soggy dirty roads, a good shower from other riders wheels and from out of the sky. Within minutes every one was soaked from head to toe... and slowly a steady comfort zone of misery was reached. The pack was moderately and with decent care moving along, no incidences for 99.9% of the 80 miles or two laps. A little effort at the only one climb of significance, but never anything really happened. A temporary minor gap, a few attempts in front where Py was mostly part of the game. But nothing worked out.

Group ride to finish. Within the last km RPC rider Tom managed to get up and did hell of a job pulling and setting up his team mate -- what worked near perfect and he could sprint to 2nd! Congratulations to Mark!

Cleaning up... dinner with friends at Last Chance in Tannersville. Drive home.
Prolonged shower and multiple attempts to finally clean up from that nasty road grit left mainly in face and hair... yikes.


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