Sunday, July 14, 2013

Super Tour of the Catskills #2 + Art & Iron

The long "set" date for Py's Super ToC ride was approaching fast. Early though confirmed riders dropping out for several reasons -- the only ones beyond Py familiar with the terrain and for sure capable and doing a good again.

However -- Joe was curious about the ride and previously committed and brought a friend -- the "Ironmen" Brad on board. Well, fine -- Py was sure Joe was aware of the area as a local. And he even organized a friend Kate to help us out with SAG support as far out there in the Catskills not much is to find at times...

Arriving Saturday afternoon in Tannersville after dealing with some traffic en route -- low in the mountains sitting clouds and steaming warm. Late lunch, checking in at his favorite Fairlawn Inn, Hunter later, preparing for a quick evening ride.

Sunday morning, great breakfast at the Inn -- his own Muesli and a awesome Basil-Goatcheese-Omlette :-)

Heading to Tannersville and meeting the few...

Joe the Artist and Brad the Ironmen. This is going to be interesting today:

Now here we go -- ready to roll.
Rolling out on the ToC route bad then heading further up North-West for a big loop. Mostly like last year's Super-ToC ride. But going up one and exploring a new climb a little further North. Turning into dirt #1 for the last steep, little unexpected but no big deal, but fun! From there a magnificent quick decent on dirt and a fun fast small winding road to continue on towards the Schoharie Reservoir. Then going South and eventually hitting the ramp on Airport Road.


From Airport road flying down the fast decent into Lexington. Then making it over Deep Notch to Shandaken and continuing on the much better small old road "Creek Side Drive" to the beginning of great Oliviere / Winisock climb (start at Big Indian). At the base quick stop for shopping a gallon of cold water to keep in the support car. After regrouping on top Joe decided to call it a day and took care of the camera from the support car.
Nice fast decent and then keeping flying and taking shares with Brad making good distance and time on Frost Valley -- on of Py's favorites out there, fun going, great scenery! Then making it over to Red Hill -- a little variation to last year. One more fun short dirt road #2 over the top before flying down on Sugarloaf road. As they were running late skipping the planned exploration on "Red Bush" but going directly to the entrance of Peekamoose Road / Valley to make the way back.
On Peekamoose all sudden Py's overhauled rear wheel with kind of experimental all ceramic bearing gave up with a crunching sound -- well, kind of not trusting those from the beginning he took a spare wheel set and a quick wheel change solved the issue.

DSC_0539.jpg DSCF2984.JPG DSCF2980.JPG

Then heading up North again along Ashokan Reservoir. From there making it directly and as easy as possible back via Phoenicia and Devil's Tomebstone as Py could impossibly put the already suffering Brad on his TT bike with borderline gearing on the Devil via Woodstock and Platte Clove Road as initially planned on. Our support car driver Kate had to return, so we filled up a last time, took a few supplies and returned on our own on the last 25 miles to meet again near Tannersville.


Then dinner at Last Chance together -- good day!

Special thanks to Joe and Kate.

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  1. This was great Percy, happy to be part of the day!!