Saturday, September 07, 2013

Science Express: RP2IPB-GP

Saturday... just one "new" face M showing up, then Johnney as expected and Niv last minute -- starting out as usual for the RP2IPBP-JP ride, Don joining the ride near Littleflower. Nice going with 5 now.

Fun tail wind push out East!

There was already a note Py added to today's ride description "may extend to Greenport of riders agree on". And almost unexpectedly so it be instead of heading over to James Port heading on moving East on the old known "best" paths.

Lunch/snack/coffee stop in Greenport before taking on a notch of head wind on the return. making decent progress until around 2nd half of Mill Py had to adjust a little to get every one back home... few deviations of some riders as they went strait back home. Py finishing up with M and Niv on the >original< route.


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