Sunday, December 08, 2013

Kind of Trevors

Getting out at about 8:30am into the route with intends to hook up about 1/2 way "out" on NC with the group starting about the same time. 
Then running into the early group and deciding to join for a warmup and may drop back or merge later with the others 'en route...

But that attempt failed due to too loosing too much time while been stopped with the group fixing a flat, eating, having the camera in his fingers, heavy gloves off.... by the time back on the bike lost had to say how much, but possible at least 30 seconds. Not sure if "they" even saw me flying by...


Well, giving it a try to chase back on. Not even seeing them any more. On a strait a few times far ahead a sight so. Possibly gaining a little going hard, but not enough and at some point most likely loosing time again. Giving up as further delays while making the turn into the 2nd part of Mill... riding up there about 1/2 mile deciding to wait/turn around for the other group. Then Rick showing up even later with similar intends -- but we figured unless they were delayed/stopping no way to get up.
Nevertheless we decided to keep going as a two men team at a decent pace.

Nice work with Rick, thanks!

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