Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Easy, good day with two more riders and a former RAAM Nat 'Champ -- Gates Pass

Visiting the other side of Tucson making the way to and over Gates Pass and Tour de Cactus.

But first meeting J, K and later picking up one more amazing rider. Then making a long way around Tucson using a nice bike path for miles....


Before finally we approached Gates Pass, just a little climb over a smaller Mountain and descending into a nice valley and one more cacti paradise.

 DSCF5220~0.JPG DSCF5240~0.JPG DSCF5238.JPG DSCF5242.JPG DSCF5249.JPG DSCF5245~0.JPG
Click to view full size image DSCF5255.JPG

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