Monday, June 08, 2015

Malaucene to Veynes (Vx4)

Day 4, the return. Monday morning getting up and ready for breakfast at our hotel "Le Blueberry" in Malaucene. What this morning turned out even more sparse than the last day -- pretty much a coffee 'o le and a piece of baguette with butter and little jelly...
Putting the few items back into the pack and ready to go -- need to love that minimal stuff travel, so easy.

Heavy legged slow start, with that insufficient dinner and tiny breakfast and just little left over snacks and one bottle of fuel to get started -- hoping to make it -- seeking for the urgently next super market soon... However we started out this time on D242 winding in most scenic long waved rolling up and downs through a beautiful valley of the Provence eventually connecting to D40, D41, D72 and finally finding a little bigger cool old town with some castle like looking buildings: Montrun les Bains, around km 40. Getting some bananas, milk, yogurt, oj and fruits to charge up/make up for some recovery. Feeling better already :)
From there heading up a climb via D542 towards "Col de I'Homme Mort" (we did not went there all the way on D63, but turned left staying on D542) -- just missed to take a photo of that sign, some what scary and some what matching my feelings that moment about it.
But made it and a rewarding nice long gradual descent on D942 to make up some distance with ease followed -- winding roads, some little nice canyon like scenery -- before we finally hit a little bigger road D1074 for the final gradual slight uphill miles towards the car. Lunch in Serres then back to Veynes on D994.

20150608_110525.jpg 20150608_115916.jpg 20150608_133514.jpg

And the last visual of the most scenic parts of the return journey:

 Final words and credits to my friend Ben for picking this year's destinations and organizing the our night stays ahead of time this year! Nothing beats 4 days of freedom on two wheels in a very bike friendly and welcome region, luck with great weather, exceptional warm already, very welcome after a few too chilly previous days in Northern Germany. A few historical (or current??) iconic cycling climbs -- just good times. Thank you -- what regions may we see in future?

Totals: a evening ride and 3 1/2 days (from that 2 days with pack), 580km, 15'000m climbing. 

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