Sunday, August 17, 2008

Early Birds Flying South

Early rise again this morning, preparing a good breakfast and an Cappuccino. After checking the bike and tire pressure he is ready to roll.
6:30am, Sunday, Py got out of his house to ride once more to the Early Birds ride start. Still a bit chilly, not really used to that again, just 19C, where is the warming sun? -- sitting still very low and hiding behind the trees.

And showing Py's bike with super sized wheels in that projection...

Arriving at Manorville, EBs start. A few riders were already there, many more to come. A good sized groop formed soon and they started out South. It took unusual long until they got warm and moving, but then they were flying and got up to hypersonic speeds on Dune Road, what was fun. On Dune Road Py got shortly stuck behind in a small dropped off group, but managed to sprint ahead and hang back on to the front field, some short hard work going at over 50km/h at times. Including the slow start for miles, Py averaged 39.0km/h over 38km until the first reassembly point after the bridge.

From here they proceeded en route over a few rolling road sections -- not much slower at all and clocked in at the 7-11 food stop with an average of 38.6km/h over 20km. The last 24km were a bit easier paced and just at 36.5km/h average back to the parking lot.

From here small group including Py left back North-West, Py joined them for a still decent pace part way back home, until he took off on North Country Road in Wading River to add a few little tiny hills.

Fun ride and awesome weather this Sunday!

Ride stats, MB web site is useless today -- however, Py got it up there. Site still awefull slow o-(

And now here is the ride speed distribution:

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