Sunday, August 03, 2008

Kinzua Country Tango

One more road trip up to Kinzua Country, PA for a new adventure, the Kinzua Country Tango Adventure Race:

Py was dedicated to the bike part of the whole thing, what was some kind of relay consisting of six sections, quoting the original web site:

Running ...

The 13.1 mile course starts at the YMCA in Warren, Pennsylvania and leads you along the Allegheny River.

Biking ...

This 20 mile ride consists of non-technical mountain bike trail and National Forest roads. Look out for wild turkeys and White Tail deer.

Swimming ...

The next leg will give you a chance to cool off during the 2.2 mile swim. Swim fins and resting will be permitted. All teams must have a safety canoe accompanying them.

Orienteering ...

Time for a trek on foot through Cornplanter Country. Well marked points will be located over a rugged 6+ mile course.

Running ...

Back on foot for a short 4.5 mile run along side the Kinzua Reservoir.

Canoeing ...

This paddle is 8 miles down the Allegheny River and back into Warren. Each team must supply their own canoe.

For the "MTB" section Py choose his special Cross/Mountain Stonebite Cobalt Race bike, as there was a mix of road and more or less rough (or slicky and muddy....) dirt roads to ride.


As the morning of the race day at 6am started out with an heavy scary downpoor and T-storm, but luckily the whole disturbance was over as the team "C" left the house to meet up at the start of the race (the run part) at the Warren YMCA -- the day turned into a perfectly nice day. Only the dirt road was a little messy fun and Py and bike got a little sprayed over with mud -- but not too bad at all:

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