Saturday, February 14, 2009

tired from a week of traveling...

Py was not doing much, since last Saturday when he managed to get in a 10k run, one of the more unusual version for Py, as this one was a 5k uphill with a total elevation gain of 450m or 1350ft plus the downhill return and as the upper third of the road was snowy and icy, the downhill took even longer... 24min 5k up and return at 63min for 10.7km (GPS). On Sunday he joined fiends for a nice hike beyond 1500m elevation in deep fluffy snow with zero visibility as it was in the middle of snow clouds - but kind of enjoyable.

Fun PHOTOs later.

The following week was a traveling marathon... Seewis - ZRL - Zurich(ZRH) - Hannover (HAJ) - Negenborn. From there to Berlin and Bremen the next days, returning to Seewis Friday night.

Tired of traveling and missed workouts he decided not to do any travel today. He went out for a initial hike up to the top of the locale slopes of Seewis Dorf carrying his snowboard on the back. A decent warmup and way to quick run down, but wait, what awesome short slope with deep fresh power!! It was still silently snowing...

the uphill walk felt so long for the quick run, luckily just as he arrived at the bottom, the little short T-bar lift was put to operation and so he did numerous runs playing in deep power at times - good day.

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