Saturday, February 28, 2009

RP2IPBP - back on the bike

9am GPS time start at Tildas again for a ride out to Iron Pear Beach Park. C was unfortunately not available and no one else so far... little hope Ed may join in at Little Flower again, and so it was. They made there way out east.

Py got his 1st flat since a very long time, must have been long over a year -- hard to be leave but true, and may not have gotten one if he would have thrown out his now over 18000km old front tire... yes 18kkm! These GP4000 are just awesome, but now it got too thin rubber and a whole lot of tiny cracs in which some tiny pointy piece of glas found it's way. Removing this and putting a new tube fixed the trouble for the rerst of the ride.

Going North they had to fight some strong wind but had fun flying South...

Nothing special on the return. Was good to have some company on his first longer ride since a couble of weeks off the bike :-)

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