Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Py spend a good time at the ER, doctors offices and the radiology lately. His left hand got like a balloon and all kind of blueish purple colors.... while the other "just" hurts with little load on it.


Today's ride was kindly with Craig to the Southampton doctors office -- have to admit a very promptly and quick responsive service :-)

The result of the CAT scan, here a few views of the damaged bones o-[


In addition to the 2mm separated distal radius fracture, the CT revealed two more hand bones (Py did not remember the exact names) were shattered and all needs to be pinned together once the swelling goes down. For that he got a special workout prescribed: just hold/place the hand 24/7 20 inches above heart level.

And a big big Thank You
to all his so welcoming and supportive
bike buddies and co workers !

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