Sunday, May 30, 2010

Early Birds South -- nice mix of riders and teams today

Still the best ride out East on Long Island -- in many aspects. It has some history dating back, well -- if Py would know exactly -- but at least a generation (~30 yrs) or more, rumors are that even George Hincapie was on this ride in his early days! And still never it is the same. Riders coming and going, some old long lasting core -- just a great mix. Local teams showing up all the time, colors are changing -- but it's always the "Birds" ride. Even the two routes North & South are pretty much the same since long, but not since ever -- in the very past it was some where further West.

Today a very nice day again -- can hardly be any better for a ride. Py rode to Manorville as usual, a tail wind helped getting there early. South today. The ride started out with some stop and go as two flat stops early into the ride were breaking it up, from then good moving. Flying on Dune road -- the wind exposed bridge was once again some work, in particular as the field got split apart at the last mile one Dune road -- Py just dropped back from a pull -- to far back -- from a pull and ended up with a few not hanging on and a gap opened too fast way ahead plus the few at front were pushing the pace further. Trying to get back on he even dropped the few behind him, but not made it on in time before hitting the bridge. Same old. Should have merged in just a few riders back.

Here at the reassembly after the bridge.


and moving on.


From then on just a good pace, he took it easy sitting in most the time.

The return after the 7-11 stop was good strong moving into the wind, but thank to the big 30+ riders field, no big deal at all.

Before riding home a quick Cappoccino to refresh a bit at the Manorville Starbucks with friends, very nice day!

Here are the group ride sections:

4 00:39:47 23.03 km 34.7 km/h (Manorville - Dune road)
5 00:16:41 11.80 km 42.4 km/h (Dune road)
6 00:40:12 23.85 km 35.6 km/h (Bridge - 7-11)
7 00:40:14 24.58 km 36.6 km/h (7-11 - Manorville)

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