Sunday, May 02, 2010

ESG Qualifier TT -- an attempt to move fast

Today the 1st ESG qualifier took place at the campus of Suffolk County Community College. Py tried to get his setup a bit faster using clip-on a aero bar and borrowed a TT helmet. Well, definitively helps -- but this is not yet optimal and leave room for more efficiency. A lower/shorter position would help -- but not possible this simple way.

However, all he got. A little longer 1 hour warmup ride to the location.


A few riders showed up this morning, not exactly sure how many. He was early and thus started as number 4. While doing the five laps not much was happening, he passed the rider in front of him at lap 2 and the one after passed him at end of lap 3. That's about it.

A few photos after finishing at the start/finish.




However, no official results yet -- but it looks as he got in some where top ten, definitively not top 5 to qualify strait away.

And a good TT ride home into the wind -- this must have been his fastes ever on this section going solo.

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