Sunday, June 13, 2010

ESG Qualifier TT -- taking efficiency to the max

Today, Sunday Py went to the 2nd ESG TT Qualifier opportunity. He took it easy on Saturday and just took care of his bikes flat tubular of last Sunday's race, cleaned up the house and windows... went picking up his brand new GAB skin suit, did some shopping and prepared nice dinner having the next day's short but very intense efforts in mind all times. Packed up emergency items in his Camelback (spare tire, sealant, pump, food, water, valve extenders, license, multi tool, needle and yarn -- to list the most important items). Clean and lube up of the Stealth TT bikes drive train...

Sunday morning 5:30 -- time to get up, enjoy breakfast and get ready. New this morning: Slipping in this snug fitting lizard like skin, all one piece -- little weird, but fit's really like a 2nd skin! 6:45 -- time to roll off the porch towards Manorville. Just about 3rd time he took this fast rig out on "open roads", means further away from "support".

Slowly picking up speed. Quick stop at Manorville and say hello to a few birds... before heading further to the "Speonk".

Signing in. Chatting... Got help my Kris (Thanks!!) putting on the number with a number of stitches to prevent this from flapping. Few more laps to stay warm... still pretty moist but the slight morning chill was about gone as the time approached the start. Little fun going on with the number placement to make this funny RFID reader working -- we were last minute supposed to change the placement. Well, not striping (this is not a jersey easy to take off) at the start and resew it -- for get about it... Well, not sure if it worked or not, at least they got the time right.

Well, not much to say -- just FullSpeedAhead for 20:38. Waiting for all to finish and them to figure out the numbers.

IMG_9258.JPG Karl going for his last lap.

Preliminary Place 9, may be move to 8 due to issue... -- 24s down on previous time, pretty happy with that. Even not officially qualified yet. Little chance left if riders withdraw commitment. However, gave it all -- over a minute beyond HR 187 bpm towards the finish -- guess pretty much deep red zone??!?!?! Last lap was almost 41km/h average, average over all 177.

Time to roll home, but wait -- let's find out what's left: Little two men TTT w Craig on 51/111 -- flying at over 45km/h or 27mph for 14 more minutes -- that was fun.

Time to recover from three kind of intense TT rides.

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