Sunday, August 21, 2011

Early Birds North -- little (too) crazy birds today

Heading out early again, sun pretty low again this morning.


Rolling out North. Putting down a good pace and holding on to it -- averaging 40.4km/h for the first hour. Good move over the tanks, OK staying in front for good time. Just hot feeling with high humidity and little wind. The font pack slowed a bit sitting in at 27..28mph on Oregon and taking a few snaps that occasion...


Then Py was moving up and got things rolling again...

Deli stop and coffee in Cutchogue.

Rolling out some what spread out, some must have been still busy back there longer that thought. Moving on slowly and then as no one showed up after a good while behind moving on with a few riders. Finally they caught back on. In Riverhead a little traffic related split up, going with a small group in front -- good. Thing seamed a bit sketchy back there. Great move up and work on 51 with one RP Cycle rider! We should have kept that going a bit longer.... but the pack behind seamed to kill it and they got back up, proceeding with the rotation until little later after lining up on right and moving up all sudden (not sure what exactly happened, but does not matter -- some wicked moves of fatigue and attempt to drop back on right?!?!?! -- bad/uncontrolled/inexperienced move for sure -- please stay all the way back on first hand if not able to work all the way up) two riders up R. went down and ended up in the bushes -- and then a too sudden slow down of the wheel on front of Py got him caught on this wheel on the right in between riders on left and right -- no where to "escape" -- holding on as long as possible counter steering and killing speed from some 30+mph a bit before hitting the pavement -- ending up with a good bruise/Road Rash on the hip and some more scratches :-(


But able to ride back to the parking lot -- thanks for the immediate help with a bag of ice!! and the ride home. And big kudos to the super durable lizard skin like Assos pants -- possibly saved a little extra skin and they barely got a scratch on them while my team jersey & gloves got trashed.

Hope to recover for the D2 R2 -- guess that get's me a little extra Adrenalin.

Note: all comments and assumptions are the plain humble opinion of Py as he did not saw the whole thing. Feel free to comment... also I really do not care nor want to know who or what screwed it up -- just please learn a lesson to ride more save even >X< possibly not got hurt.
PS: Different other matter: Go here and help Jenn reaching a goal!

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