Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Night Kreb Cycle 5 lap ITT

Just in time after starting to evacuate a new instrument for the first time at the Laboratory.... Py made it to this years Kreb Cycle Friday Night Race Series 5 lap ITT what was on schedule. Perfect timing as also his Timemachine was still all set up ready to fly.

Few warm up laps -- two nearly full speed laps -- two more to relax before the start. Py was 9th to go at 2 minutes between riders. Taking off all nearly full speed peaking up to 800 Watts to get to speed and maintaining all over average of 270 Watts or 41km/h for 5 laps -- fly by at several riders...

Py's official 5 lap time: 20:14 -- 20:12 per GPS with auto lap trigger -- close enough.

Here are a few selected photos, click to go to my gallery with many more taken after my race.


Click to view full size image

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