Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Two days Arosa

Monday, decision made, heading to Arosa. Arosa lies 1800 metres above sea level, which guarantees snow, in a stunning location at the end of the valley. A lovely RhB train ride very conveniently is taking you and your gear to this area. A winter wonder land this year! A few lay overs before taking the Arosa train from Chur. Time for a 2nd Cappuccino.


IMG_4622.JPGLandquart station, getting the 1-Franken train&ski special, entering the train to Chur before taking to Arosa train winding it's about 1 hour passage up to Arosa via several tunnels and bridges.



In Arosa ready to board the gondola as he got a charged up key card with the train special -- time saver for sure at busy times -- not so busy this time. A great Arosa day...



Day 3 -- Pretty much all of Arosa

Lunch at Alp Carmenna.


Day 4 -- mostly the upper faster runs -- speeding up.

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