Saturday, February 25, 2012

RP2IPBP-JP -- Solo Epic

No shows until 9:05 for his ride today?!?!?!? So Py went solo for the ride. The decision to put on the Fugu jack to be well wind protected even it was nearly 6C was a good and very comfortable idea today. Taking it easy, still some what sneezing all the time -- needed a few extra stops to really clean out this nose... may be good no one else showed up today.

But still, it was an epic ride, sailing in the wind.... Great day! Took my time and checked out the Duffys Deli in Jamesport -- good coffee & banana muffin. Getting my OK for next time ;-) Coffee is one and a quarter.

The route was almost wind energy rewarding, just a few fully exposed sections on the return!!


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