Monday, May 28, 2012

Post crash riding - HHH

So far so good, shoulder is bruised up and some positions are hurting -- like grabbing a bottle to drink and lifting up the hand just point out things  or signal is not feeling good and he avoided those moves as possible. As of the ER visit, nothing is broken -- so just get through it and move on.
Kevin's Holiday Harbor Hills ride. Few GABs showed up for the ride in addition to the usual suspects. Py tucked in and took it easy the first good half of the ride -- slowly warming up and getting used to this darn shoulder thing. Amazingly to the end as other got tiered he felt good and took a good move in front.

Back home, time to relax? Nope, hot day. Getting some cleanup and preparations done on his new but old pool -- managing to get a decent sun burn as he had to find out later -- on top of his shoulder pain... shirtless working in the sun for a good time as it was way too hot today and no way to reach up there with sun screen. His team mates suggested to get a massage to loosen up... So he did and went on We morning to CRS. Nice.

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